The belly is probably the most difficult area of ​​the body to shed those extra pounds. While there are exercises that allow you to specifically train your stomach, any help is good when it comes to losing weight.

Whenever a person sets a goal of losing weight, nutritionists recommend a combination of diet and exercise to achieve the desired goal.

Eating fiber-rich foods is important for losing weight on abdominal fat, according to nutritionists. “Most of them are beneficial for those looking to lose weight, not only because they are low in calories, but because they help keep you feeling fuller longer. This makes us eat less and therefore consume fewer calories each day, ” says the specialist.

The nutritionist recommends replacing high-calorie foods, especially processed foods, with fiber-rich foods. “These will be foods that will allow us to speed up our metabolism so that we can eventually get rid of a small amount of belly fat.”

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The experts add, “it was previously said that snacking or snacking between meals is the worst thing to do when trying to ‘lower your belly’, the truth is that today it is a good practice, as long as it is done with healthy foods. »The reason is that this makes us less hungry for lunch or dinner, and we eat less, as many studies have shown in recent years.”

Foods change the look of your belly

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Cinnamon Tea: Cinnamon contains a compound called cinnamaldehyde, which helps in the elimination of abdominal fat and helps control insulin production and blood sugar levels.

Peach: This fruit contains 10 different varieties of vitamins, among which vitamins A and E are predominant. In addition, its low calorie content makes it an ideal snack to soothe anxiety caused by prolonged fasting or diets with a calorie deficit as small as 100 grams. A serving provides only about 40 calories.

Avocado: It is composed of healthy fatty acids that control blood fat levels and, according to numerous studies; eating fresh avocados can suppress appetite and leave you feeling full between meals.

Lentils: Legumes like lentils or beans are thought to be avoided if you want to lose weight, but they contain important nutrients that boost your metabolism. Lentils are an excellent source of protein: up to 18 grams in one cup and just 1 gram of fat in the same amount.

Keep in mind that there are no miraculous methods for reducing belly size, but there are foods that can help you do this if you combine them with a balanced diet, consume only the indicated portions, and do at least physical activity twice a week. The most important thing is to always seek the advice of a healthcare professional.