Vegetables, as a rule, are not the best example, protein-rich foods. However, there are also conclusions from them that may be relevant to you and are full of decent, valuable amino acids. Find out which vegetables contain a lot of protein.

Protein is a significant nutrient for everyone, but there are people who need it, especially for those who play sports. Thanks to him, the muscles can recover and strengthen.

Remember, however, that protein found in vegetables is a defective protein, which means that it does not store all the essential amino acids. Therefore, in order to provide your body with different types of amino acids, make sure that your diet also does not exclude products from whole grains, meat, dairy products and fish.

Beans and Peas

Each half cup of beans contains 4.5 grams of protein, and in peas – 3.5 grams, so feel free to use these vegetables in your daily cooking. Cream soup, salad, and maybe risotto? An experiment with beans and peas is good for your health!


In 3 grams of protein you will find in turn in half a glass of spinach. Add the leaves of this vegetable and make a cocktail – the cocktail will benefit not only the protein, but also in a chic green color.

Baked potato

Another unexpected source of protein? Potatoes! Medium-sized potatoes have 3 grams of protein. This is a traditional-baked potato. Stuffed with goat cheese, spinach and baked in the oven will be one of your favorite potato dishes.


As it turned out, broccoli is not only an excellent source of fiber, but also protein – half a cup of vegetables will give us 2.6 grams of fiber and 2 grams of protein. And the best you can do is eat it raw. Look in the networks as a rule there are a lot of recipes, and you can enjoy the taste of healthy food and, just as broccoli nutrients.

Brussels sprouts

And Brussels sprouts may not have many followers, but it is an indisputable star of nutritious vegetables: Brussels sprouts each half a cup provides 2 grams of protein, 247 mg of potassium and 110 μg of vitamin K. You do not like Brussels sprouts? Find out her ways of frying in olive oil, accompanied by mushrooms.


Half a cup of corn will give you 2 grams of valuable proteins. How to use corn? Cooked flask can be considered as a snack or replaced and … throw on the grill instead of sausage. There are many delicious corn recipes.