The most faithful culinary enthusiast can lose his appetite at the sight of butterflies in his inventory. Small insects can become a big problem. They settle mainly in bulk products, without which it is difficult to imagine everyday food. How to scare away moths, and what can be done to prevent them from appearing in the future? Contrary to its appearance, making preparations for food moths at home is not so difficult.

How to recognize a food moth?

If you want to choose the right pest removal method, it’s a good idea to make sure you are dealing with food moths. Adult specimens resemble body moths, although they are larger than I. They are characterized by an oblong shape and a wingspan of 1-1.5 cm. There are species with white, gray-brown, silver and yellow body color.

Food moth larvae can also be found in kitchens, although at first glance they are more difficult to spot. They reach lengths from several to several tens of millimeters. The food moth multiplies very quickly. Larvae are most commonly found in cereals, rice, flour, sugar, cereals, pasta, and nuts.

Food moth – how to get rid of them?

Харчова моль - як від неї позбутися?
Food moth – how to get rid of them?

After you have thoroughly removed all food debris and rinsed all food storage areas with warm, soapy water, you can continue to work on getting rid of moles. For this, it is worth using simple home patents.

Sealed food containers

Prevention is better than cure, so take a closer look at your cooking habits and food storage. Dry products – so beloved by moths – are best poured into glass containers with tight-fitting lids. Avoid large warehouses whenever possible.

Essential oils for moths

The scent of lavender, eucalyptus, clove and tea tree oils is especially annoying for moles. You can use them individually, but you can also mix them to create spray on cabinets and other hard-to-reach areas.

What about moths? Citrus!

Запах цитрусових відлякує моль
What about moths? Citrus!

Spreading dried orange or lemon zest in food storage areas will also help protect our stocks from pests.

Food moth

ed orange or lemon zest in food storage areas will also help protect our stocks from pests.

Apple cider vinegar also helps fight moths.

Apple cider vinegar is food that loves to smell like food moths. So, it can be used to attract insects. It is enough to pour a small amount into a basin, and the moth, inspired by its smell, will drown. Placing cloves, bay leaves, and vanilla flavors in kitchen cabinets is also a very effective method of repelling kitchen pests.