Choosing a mattress is not an easy task. You should consider not only your weight, height or lifestyle, but also possible health problems. An important aspect is also how much the person will sleep on the mattress. A lonely person will need less space than a family sleeping with a baby. We will advise you on how to choose the right mattress size for each of your needs.

Wrong mattress size: consequences

What is the result of choosing the wrong mattress? This will lead to chronic fatigue and serious health consequences in the long term. What should be considered when choosing a model for us? First, the size of the frame – when it is smaller than the mattress, it can damage the insert and cause poor air circulation. On the other hand, too large a frame will force every movement to move the entire bed, blocking the possibility of free rest.

The second important criterion is the height of people who will sleep in bed. Experts from a well-known manufacturer of mattresses advises when choosing a mattress to proceed from the fact that it should be about 15 cm larger than your height. It is also good to remember that the more space to rest, the more rest there will be. The correct size combined with the high quality of the product will create the conditions for a healthy and safe holiday.

Mattress for singles and couples: which one to choose?

Choosing a mattress for a single person will not be a big problem. People who sleep alone should only consider their weight, height, and preferences. Do you sleep “on a starfish” or in the company of animals? Buy the widest possible mattress. Do you keep limbs close to you while you sleep? A width of 90 cm should be sufficient. The dilemmas only begin when choosing a mattress for a couple.

Whose height should be considered? The taller partner will end up uncomfortable sleeping with their legs tucked in. The minimum length is 200 cm, but if one of you is more than 1.80 m tall, consider a longer mattress. The dimensions should be suitable for the comfort of both sleeping people. The minimum width is about 140 cm, but for greater convenience it is worth choosing larger ones: 160 cm or even 200 cm. The latter will allow you to sleep comfortably even when you sleep with children or pets.

Also think about the importance of partners! This is important in the content context. A mattress chosen for a heavier person will cause the lighter partner to fall. In this case, think about mattresses that will allow you to absorb vibrations.

Which mattress to buy for a child?

Який матрац купити дитині?
Which mattress to buy for a child?

The choice of a mattress for the smallest family members is of great importance for a comfortable sleep from the first weeks of life. Fortunately, shops have products designed specifically for young children. The model deserves attention, for example, in that it has a boat-like shape. This profiled mattress reduces the risk of your baby falling out of bed or hitting the handrails painfully. The model is available in two sizes: 60×120 cm and 70×140 cm, so it can be adapted to the child’s height.

Preschool children are free to sleep on “adult” size models. In this case, the optimal size should be 80×180 cm. A teenager will undoubtedly need a model with the size of an adult, i.e., width min. 80 cm. You can buy shorter models (e.g., 180 cm), but it is worth investing in longer ones if the younger family member grows even larger. Also pay attention to the filling, which will provide comfort to the changing body. In this case, it is worth buying a double-sided product of different hardness, which, if necessary, can be turned over.