With age, in addition to facial wrinkles, appear gray hair on the head. Unfortunately, we do not have a significant impact, especially at the beginning of the graying, if this factor is genetic. In addition, the process of graying hair can initiate disease-related diseases, such as chronic vitamin B12 deficiency and problems with the thyroid gland or stress.

Nevertheless, regardless of when and why graying appeared, for many women it is a very traumatic experience. This is not only a sign of transience, our constant ticking of the biological clock, but a spectrum of problems associated with hairstyling and coloring.

Over time, hair follicles are lost, so our silvery hair becomes thinner than natural hair, which we could experience earlier, enjoying on a daily basis. In addition, they become stiff and dry, which leads to problems of their location. Sometimes it is impossible to get a perfectly smooth hair.

Modern science and medicine are already familiar with the mechanism of graying hair. Unfortunately, a method or medicine has not yet been found that could stop the process of graying, or even eliminate its consequences.

Gray hair makes a man more charming, but, unfortunately, only add years to a woman. Trying to convince women that gray hair – it is fashionable not to change the color of gray does not give any result.

However, there are women who have no intention of using dyes. There are some women whose gray hair does not look older, and their hair has an interesting color. Be very careful about feeding gray hair, as it tends to dry out. Hair cosmetics should contain proteins in the first place and have moisturizing properties.

Specially created lines for gray hair, shampoos and conditioners and rinses in silver shade, making the color gray more vibrant and noble.

Very often, natural blonde, die in such a way that the hair looks as if bleached. This hair dye, washable dye is the best without ammonia (sometimes called tonic preparations), so the hair will regain a beautiful shade of the blonde hair and the “effect” of hair oxidation is suppressed.

It is easy to hide the first gray hair of a woman – just make sure that the strands of hair of the appropriate shade. If the amount of gray hair is large, concealment involves the use of powerful dye (containing hydrogen peroxide and high concentrations of ammonia) as gray hair usually have relatively thick. Protective keratin, through which paint hardly penetrates.

In the case of dyeing gray hair, many paint manufacturers recommend extending the time for coloring on the hair for 10 minutes. You must use different types of conditioners, lotions – gray hair on top and colored require very good and regular care.

There is another group of cosmetics, this cosmetics contains melanin. They penetrate the hair and under the action of oxygen are transformed into identical natural pigment. Often almost natural hair color is added, requiring systematic use on the hair for about two weeks.

Often, the graying of hair is spelled out in the genes, and quite often accelerates the process of the appearance of gray hair as a result of poor nutrition and unhealthy lifestyles. Cigarettes, alcohol, poor nutrition, plus, exposing hair to sunlight (UV rays and tanning beds) accelerates the appearance of gray hair.

No need to panic

Gray hair is no reason to get depressed. This is not a reason to not take care of your new look. Find out how you should cherish your new hair.

Changing the diet, providing the body with vitamins A, E, B5, biotin and minerals such as calcium, selenium, zinc, magnesium, potassium, iron and copper can stop the process of graying, sometimes there is a decrease in the number of gray hair.