Do you remember what your lymphatic system is responsible for? Do you remember about it only when you start having problems with it? Relatively small changes can have a big (and positive) impact on lymph flow. Learn how to keep this system functioning optimally, thereby removing toxins from the body and strengthening the immune system.

What comes to mind when you talk about the lymphatic system? Most of us know that we should drink a lot to keep it working, and that it is good to get a lymphatic massage from time to time. The more you know about this delicate transport system that removes waste from the body, the better you will take care of yourself.

What is worth knowing about the lymphatic system?

  • the lymphatic system is crucial for our immunity,
  • plays an important role in removing metabolic products, bacteria and toxic substances from the body,
  • transports fats from the small intestine into the blood,
  • supports the transport of oxygen, nutrients, and hormones to body cells,
  • participates in maintaining the balance between blood and tissues,
  • in the organs of the lymphatic system it supports the production and maturation of lymphocytes, important for the immune response,
  • protects the body from cancer by removing cells with uncontrolled growth.

How to stimulate lymph flow?

  1. Replenish fluid reserves.

Drink the right amount of water because hydration is very significant. A hydrated body keeps lymph flowing smoothly, allowing waste to be better flushed out. This way, you will also reduce the problem of obstructed lymph flow.

  1. No more lying under the covers.

Move. Choose any physical activity that you enjoy and isn’t just another annoying item on your to-do list. Lymph flow is maintained mainly by cardiovascular activity, which is provided by brisk walking, running or swimming. Of course, dancing and sex matter too!

  1. Keep track of what’s on your plate.

Eat healthy. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein. Also, limit your intake of toxic substances. Try to avoid excessive consumption of alcohol, caffeine, and reduce your intake of fast food and processed foods.

  1. Breathe deeply and do yoga.

Deep breathing supports lymphatic flow and detoxification of the body. Regular breathing exercises or yoga can provide incredible support for the lymphatic system.

  1. Home bathing.

In the shower, use alternating hot and cold showers. This will stimulate the lymphatic system, especially in the leg area.

  1. Buy echinacea or turmeric.

Due to their anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties, they can also support the lymphatic system. No less useful are chicory, rose hips, ginger, calendula, and lemongrass.

  1. Take an Epsom salt bath.

This salt contains magnesium and sulfur, which have a positive effect on the lymphatic system and the entire body. Bathing also opens pores, encourages sweating, reduces swelling and improves fluid circulation in the body.

Do you feel like you have problems with lymph flow? There can be many symptoms. “Issues with the lymphatic system can manifest themselves, for example, in excessive fatigue, weight gain, swelling of the limbs, digestive issues, cellulite and so on,” says the expert. You may also be struggling with hypersensitive lymph nodes, frequent infections, weakness, muscle and joint pain, or a general weakening of the immune system. If any of the above symptoms bother you, and you do not notice improvement over time, consult your doctor for advice.

Many of the tips above are useful not only for maintaining the proper functioning of the lymphatic system, but also for the overall improvement of the body and… soul. So think about yourself, because health is the most valuable thing we have.