Pregnancy is as beautiful as it is demanding. For the female body, this is undoubtedly one of the most important in life. He can be overwhelmed with emotion. What can you do to reduce stress and avoid being chased by bad thoughts?

From the first moments, the baby absorbs all the emotions of the mother – both good and bad. Anxiety about the course of pregnancy, fear of childbirth and nervousness about everyday situations of chronic stress, which is also strongly felt by the child and has a negative effect on him.
If a:

  • you feel constant anxiety,
  • you have sudden bouts of crying
  • you feel anger directed at your loved ones,
  • you notice a lack of appetite
  • and you have frequent infections …

It is time to control your emotions and restore the emotional balance of your body. It will help your child’s development and help you move through this most important state of life with a smile.

Pregnancy stress – impact on the baby

High stress during pregnancy leads to increased secretion of cortisol, a stress hormone that can negatively affect the baby and lead to malnutrition, malnutrition, or premature birth. However, do not get caught up in a vicious circle or worry about the stressful consequences of pregnancy, but try to evoke positive thoughts and lead a calm life.

Stress at the beginning of pregnancy is very common and should be dealt with by expectant mothers, especially at this stage. It is then that the most important processes of the formation of the child’s organs take place, and nothing should interfere with them. Inner peace and composure will help in proper development and will become the key to strengthening a small organism. Therefore, in the first months, pay special attention to your emotions and direct them along the right path to eliminate unwanted effects. Stress during pregnancy should be the last topic you should think about because it is not stress and pregnancy is the most important thing.

Ways to deal with stress during pregnancy

Способы борьбы со стрессом при беременности
Ways to deal with stress during pregnancy

You already know to avoid stress, but wondering how to do it? First, you need to act. If you are working, report your condition to your boss and colleagues – they will know how to save you from stressful situations, and will take on the appropriate tasks. If you have any problems, report them, get help and support. You do not need stress at work and nerves during pregnancy.

If you are on sick leave, make a plan and stick to it consistently as long as your health allows it. Sign up for activities such as swimming, yoga for pregnant women, language learning. Use this time for gentle, relaxing activities or forgotten pleasures, such as drawing lessons or playing the piano. Plan your massage therapist and enjoy a relaxing pregnancy massage. Take care of yourself and your appearance, because this will definitely strengthen your self-confidence and allow you to look at problems from a different perspective. You will relax, your days will be filled with fun activities, and you will forget about stress.

In addition, organize a support group. Invite other friends and neighbors who are also pregnant and those who already have children. It will be easier for you to discuss your problems and resolve your doubts. The nerves and stress of pregnancy will be eliminated, and that is the point.

However, if you still have your worst moments and feel stressed out by your mind, seek professional help. Make an appointment with your gynecologist, midwife or psychologist during pregnancy and share your concerns with them. Write down all the questions, write down any doubts that bother you, and ask for honest answers. This kind of honest conversation and the support of the doctor will relieve fears and reduce severe stress during pregnancy.