After the first stage of infatuation, very often certain traits of manner or appearance, behavior or other shortcomings of the second half that you did not notice at first begin to come to light. It is at this stage that the easiest and fastest way to make a decision is whether you are with that person or not.

Of course, recognizing the signs that you’re with the right person can be difficult, especially if you haven’t been in a long-term relationship or, conversely, you were in a relationship for a long time, but broke up and are again looking for someone close to you. So, what are these 9 characters?

Relationship: You look for compromises together

Finding and accepting compromise is the key to any successful relationship. Relationships are hard work where no one is right. It is how you and your significant other know how to find compromises and adapt to each other’s needs that is the main indicator of your suitability and compatibility with each other.

Relationship: You feel good around this person

With the right person, you will feel good about who you are. Moreover, the person who cares about you will try to raise your self-esteem even higher. Such a person will not spare pleasant words; you can always ask him for advice, seek consolation and consolation.

Say goodbye to partners who make you feel inadequate, who constantly make you doubt yourself, your appearance and even your thoughts – this is a clear sign that something is wrong in the relationship.

Relationships: The right person will listen to you.

A good partner will listen to you, even if he finds it boring. It is extremely important for people to be heard, so both partners should be able to do this, even if this means listening to boring conversations about the shortcomings of colleagues and so on. I speak. Being able to hear each other and give the other person the opportunity to be heard, even if we are not interested in the content of the discussion at all, shows that person that they are worth our time and attention.

Relationships: The right person for you has values similar to yours.

If interests and hobbies can differ radically (for some couples this is a particularly big plus, because they have something to talk about), then the values (or most of them) should coincide. If you want a long-term relationship, you need to make sure that you are both moving in the same direction in terms of your life goals and core values. For example, if marriage is one of your highest values, and your partner’s main value is freedom, then it probably goes without saying that the relationship is here to stay.

And values cover every aspect of your life: place of residence, work, children, leisure, etc., so it is very important that the attitude and values of your significant other are similar to yours.

Relationships: You do not conflict, but discuss

Arguments are not necessarily a bad thing in a relationship: if they are constructive, they can be one of the reasons for the longevity of the partnership. If you are compatible, you will be able to express opposing opinions and thoughts without causing conflict. This shows your maturity and ability to accept each other.

Relationships: You’re not afraid to speak your mind.

When you’re with the right person, you’re not afraid to speak your mind. With the right person, you should feel free to be yourself and not be afraid to show all sides of your personality.

Relationships: The right person shows attention and interest in you

There’s nothing worse than saying something to someone while they’re on the phone. The right person for you will always put aside other matters and focus all his attention on you.

Relationships: Your friends and family like him.

This may seem obvious, but if your loved ones get along with the person you’re dating, it’s usually a good sign. It’s not uncommon to be able to see some flaws in people or even relationships much better from the outside, so if your inner circle views your significant other favorably, it shows that you’ve chosen the right person.

Relationship: He does nice things for you

Romance doesn’t necessarily require grandiose actions. In fact, sometimes small and subtle gestures say much more than courtship on the Eiffel Tower. You don’t need the most luxurious gifts to make someone feel loved and important. Sometimes a cup of coffee brought to bed in the morning shows much more care and love.