The creaking source at the turn of the car most is often in a steering system. Read the article and learn the main reasons for strange noise and ways to fight against them.

What can be the cause of a creaking at the turn of a wheel? There are several opportunities, but the most widespread of them are described in this article. You learn not only the reasons of these noise, but also ways to fight against a problem. Some of them can be rather serious to demand visit of the mechanic, but knowledge of the fact that not so with your car, will help you to avoid additional expenses from the contractor.

How to diagnose a creaking at the turn of a wheel?

Judging by the strange sounds reaching during driving of the car, it not the simplest business. Happens that the reason in not tightened screw or the delicate side play which resulted from operation of the car. It can sometimes turn out that even in a good workshop, diagnostics on the noise arising at turn can be expensive and labor-consuming.

Basic test is use of breakthrough or movement of a body of the car in a motionless state, unfortunately, often during such tests the knots of the car remain absolutely silent. It is connected with many things which should be checked carefully. In a further part of the article, you learn the main causes of a creaking at the turn of a wheel.

Wear of components of steering

If at turn of the car you hear a creaking, and except sounds still there is a side play or vibration in a steering wheel, then very probably that steering hinges are worn-out. Repair not by the road also depends on age and model of the car. It is necessary to take care of him as soon as possible as the defect significantly affects safety and comfort of driving.

When the only symptom is the creaking at turn irrespective of weather conditions, causes of defect can be looked for confidently in boots which, perhaps, got littered and demand replacement. The insufficient amount of liquid in the mechanism of the hydraulic booster also is rather common cause, and if after liquid filling-up the creaking didn’t disappear, check a belt and the pump of the power steering.

Provide mechanic’s exact information.

If the car creaks at turn, naturally, first the condition of a steering system will be checked. Depending on year of release, the producer, and model of the car, the steering column has a hydra or the electroamplifier. Irrespective of type of components of your car, first of all diagnostics of a steering column and steering rack will be carried out. During diagnostics, important that the mechanic knew for sure under what circumstances there is a disturbing creaking. Significant information – circumstances under which disturbing sounds are heard.

Observe at what temperature of external air there is this sound, only at the movement on an uneven surface or also on asphalt. The good mechanic will begin survey with connection of the computer to the car, it will reduce diagnostics for detection of mistakes in the head device.

What else can be the cause of a creaking at turn?

In the form of strange sounds not only the steering system gives symptoms though these knots and are checked first. The brake system is one of systems which can also cause the disturbing noise, however responsible maybe one of elements of a running gear or pendant of the car. In this case it is necessary to check, including, and geometry of wheels. Never you should underestimate a problem as failure of these systems can threaten your safety both on high, and at low speeds.

When there is a creaking when braking

If when breaking the peep, peep, or knock is heard, then hardly it proceeds from the brake system. The sound arises when a front part of the car suddenly dives because of tightening of front brake shoes, and, most likely, is caused by movement of components of the chassis relatively to each other.

If strange sounds are caused by damage to one of the nodes of the chassis, it is worth checking stabilizer rubber first. Repair not by the road, but diagnostics demands a visit of car service because independently without suitable tool it is difficult to check. One more element which can cause a creaking at turn of a wheel or braking are springs. The material of which they are made wears out over time.

Happens that a part of a spring breaks and rubs about other piece of metal, which isn’t visible at first sight. Scratches can be also caused by bearings of shock-absorbers, it is easy to diagnose them as the noise caused by breakage is transferred hard. Repair not by the road is also not always required to replace all shock-absorber at once.

As you can see, the creaking at turn can be caused by a set of factors. During diagnostics, it is also worth considering a condition of a finger of the rotary lever and quality of lubricant in sleeves.