Research clearly shows that Ukrainian women decide to have children later, and that more and more couples are faced with problems of conceiving a child. When is the best moment in your life for your baby? Then when you are ready for it.
At family celebrations, many women hear an uncomfortable question: when will the baby be born? And when is the second one? Inquisitive mothers, aunts, uncles and grandmothers mutilate both married and single women. This is all part of a misunderstood concern for women’s health: “because the biological clock is ticking.” This is why so many women ask doctors, friends and even the Internet: How old is the child? So what is it like with this biological clock? So many myths have arisen on this topic … We will encounter some of them!

Myth: Only women have a biological clock.

In the context of trying to have a baby, we always talk about the biological clock in women. However, male fertility also declines with age. While men produce sperm from puberty to death, and in theory they can become fathers even in old age, the ability to produce sperm is not enough. Also, important is their quality, which consists of the number of sperm and their motility. This, in turn, deteriorates significantly over time. Therefore, time does not just work for women.

Myth: a woman over 40 cannot get pregnant.

Myth: a woman over 40 cannot get pregnant.
You can get pregnant after 40 years. True, it is more difficult than at 20-35 years old, but possible. There are many methods of maintaining fertility nowadays. It is a fact that as a woman ages, the likelihood of developing fetal malformations increases, when is the best time to get pregnant?

From a purely biological point of view, the best time for pregnancy is between 20 and 30 years. However, this does not mean that it is at this point that you need to apply for a child, because biology is not everything … Currently, a statistical woman decides to have a child for the first time at the age of 30. In the 1990s, women gave birth for the first time for an average of 24 years.

Of course, this is due to many factors. More and more women are learning, pursuing careers and developing. In addition, couples only think of a new family member when they have achieved a certain degree of financial stability.

How to Prepare for Pregnancy?

How to Prepare for Pregnancy?
There are several important things to keep in mind before trying to conceive.

1. Take folic acid.
Folic acid not only has a positive effect on fertility, but also allows you to avoid serious malformations in children. It should be supplemented prior to pregnancy. Research shows that it takes up to 12 weeks of folate intake to get the correct concentration of folate in your blood cells. Already during pregnancy, your doctor will definitely recommend suitable supplements for pregnant women, with which you can supplement your diet.
2. Heal your teeth
Caries is one of the causes of miscarriages and premature births. In addition, it is contagious, and you can easily pass it on to your baby after birth.
3. Check if you have had any childhood infections that could be potentially dangerous during pregnancy.
This group includes chickenpox and mumps. If you are not sure if you had any of these diseases in childhood, you can undergo special tests and, if necessary, are vaccinated.
4. Do a cytology and breast ultrasound. How to get pregnant successfully? Now that you are confident that you want to become a mom, it is time to think about how to support your body and make it more “fertile”.

What can I do to speed up fertilization?

Eat healthy foods and be physically active – losing those extra pounds will definitely help improve your fertility.

Do your research – after about 6 months of fruitless efforts, it’s worth going to the doctor. It does not hurt to check if there are any health obstacles to the child’s attempt – this recommendation applies to both women and men,

Avoid stimulants – be sure to quit smoking. When it comes to alcohol, research shows that small amounts of alcohol do not negatively affect fertility.

Do not worry – cortisol and adrenaline are some main causes of difficulty getting pregnant. Enjoy sex.
It is worth emphasizing here that all of these guidelines apply to both partners. You very often hear about what a woman needs to do to get pregnant. Meanwhile, it takes two people to conceive a child. Therefore, a man should also take care of his health.

When is the best time to make love to get pregnant?

When is the best time to make love to get pregnant?
Recently, I was asked: When is the best time to have sex to get pregnant? It is generally accepted that making love should be done on fertile days. Of course, this is partly true, but not entirely true. Why? First, it is sometimes very difficult to tell when they are dropping out. Irregular periods, stress, illness or breastfeeding all make it difficult to schedule fertile days with watchmaker precision. You can always help yourself with ovulation tests or ovulation monitoring with a gynecologist. But none of these methods can give one hundred percent confidence in conception. So how do you know what is today? Secondly, sperm can survive in the reproductive system for up to 5 days. This way, you can get pregnant even if you are not fertile.

So when is the best time to have sex to get pregnant? Experts recommend making love regularly every 2-3 days. Then you can be sure not to miss your fertile days. It is worth noting that couples trying to conceive often view sex as instrumental and purposeful. It is cultivated like a clock. Meanwhile, sex is primarily a pleasure. By regularly seeking help, without the pressure of conceiving, you increase your chances of conceiving. Stress is indeed an effective inhibitor of fertilization. There is also scientific evidence that female pleasure contributes to pregnancy. How is this possible? During orgasm, the uterus contracts and pushes the sperm further. Secondly, every orgasm is a release into the body of oxytocin, that is, the hormone of happiness, the presence of which promotes health and supports ovulation.

When is the best time to have a baby?

When is the best time to have a baby?
It seems to me that today, women and couples make an informed decision about pregnancy. I do not think this is bad. Conscious motherhood avoids many disappointments. The child deserves to be wanted and loved. The first years of life are the most important for the development of a little person, so parents should have time to prepare for this and include the child in their plans.

At the same time, I know there will never be a perfect time for a new family member. There is always something: whether it is a bigger apartment or a promotion at work. Therefore, if you are determined and ready to expand your family, there is no point in waiting for the “perfect moment”, especially since getting pregnant is not as easy as we all think. The chance of getting pregnant in this cycle – assuming you and your partner are healthy – is only 25%. On average, only 10% of women will get pregnant in the first cycle after an attempt. It is also a myth that the onset of ovulation is the guarantor of pregnancy.

In Ukraine, about 3 million couples suffer from infertility. This means that 15-20% of couples of reproductive age have paternity problems. That is really a lot. There are several couples among my friends who were waiting for the right moment to start their efforts, and from that perfect moment, several years have passed…

Just as it does not make sense to wait for the perfect time to start trying for your baby, you also do not have to wait with different life plans, be they personal or professional, until you give birth. With plans, it can be different, but life flows! Therefore, dividing the time between “before the child” and “after the child” is not worth it, because this is one life! Yours! Enjoy, follow through! Whether you are trying to get pregnant or just planning to get pregnant.