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Clogged shower - 4 reliable ways

Clogged shower - 4 reliable ways

One of the most common bathroom problems is a clogged shower. Fortunately, there are many ways to fix this problem. Meet 4 of them.
A clogged shower is a serious problem that each of us faces from time to time. Do we know home remedies for this problem?
Much also depends on whether the shower head or drain is clogged. Then the water pressure can drop significantly, which will make you very tired and prolong the shower time. What can we do to prevent the shower from becoming our torture?
As we already mentioned, we usually deal with a clogged receiver or drain. Thus, we are dealing with reduced water pressure or knee-deep water in the shower, which constantly floods our bathroom.
You don't always need to pick up the plumber right away. Before we do this and incur unnecessary costs - we can try our own possibilities. Here are some proven corrective actions.

Clogged shower - home remedies

1. Vinegar and lemon juice from a clogged shower head.

The shower head, the place where the water comes out, is often clogged due to scale and other substances that come from the water on the walls of the water. These deposits are usually clearly visible in the small holes in the shower head. To unblock the shower, you can use natural products like vinegar and lemon juice.

  •  We need to pour some vinegar, boiled in two glasses of water and lemon juice into the container. If the shower head is metal, wait until the water boils, turn off the hotplate and immerse the head in the solution.
  •  If the shower head is plastic, it is best to let the water cool slightly for a few minutes before inserting it. In both cases, you must let the head soak in for 15-20 minutes. The head will be clean and the blockage will be removed.

2. Baking soda and vinegar from a clogged shower.

During drainage, i.e. flow and where the water is directed, blockages and blockages are almost always caused by soap, shampoo, hair, and lime deposits. If you don't want to use chemicals, baking soda and vinegar can be a good solution.

  •  To unblock the shower using this method, pour a glass of baking soda down the drain and let sit for a few minutes.
  •  Then pour in a cup of vinegar. Let it throb for several hours, possibly all night.
  •  Then turn on the water and let it run for a few minutes.

It is very likely that the problem will be fixed! If not, you may have to try other methods, including using stronger chemicals.

3. Remove the drain filter to unblock the shower.

Another option is to manually unblock the blockage by removing the drain and removing the debris. This may be an unpleasant way, but it is effective! A clogged shower drain is usually caused by a mass of hair and residue from products such as shampoo, gel, soap, etc. that are blocking the hose. This mass can be removed manually to unclog the drain.

However, put on gloves first and then remove the drain cover.

  •  It usually has a screw in the middle or two on the sides.
  •  Unscrew, take out the grate and put your hand to the blockage, then take it out.
  •  This solution is usually very effective.

4. Chemical pipe cleaners from clogged shower

If the above methods are not enough, chemical pipe cleaners on the market can easily be used. Remember, however, that these products are very durable and can damage pipes or cause serious injury to skin, eyes, etc.

  •  Therefore, it is important to read the instructions for each product before use and follow them when removing obstructions in pipes.
  •  Another important recommendation is never to mix two or more types of chemical products to unblock our soul.
  •  If the blockage is not removed by the first product, do not pour the next product directly on top of the previous one. This can cause very toxic emissions that can ultimately affect your health.
  •  For best results, do not use drainage for several hours.

When using chemicals, it's best to start with just the right amount. Usually the problem is solved with half a bottle. If after a certain time and following all the instructions you do not notice the result, try again.
Tip: Interestingly, all of these tips and methods based on natural solution will also come in handy for unlocking a tap, sink or bathtub. We can repair the sewerage system of all of them using the solutions described above.
Of course, a minimum of effort is required to use the unlocking chemicals that can be found at any household chemicals' kiosk. All methods are recommended for preventive purposes, without waiting for the complete cessation of wastewater.
Moreover, if you are concerned that your system may be damaged by chemicals or if they are ineffective, you can try the second simple way to remove the blockage in the sewer - to push or suck out the debris. Use a traditional piston for this.


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