Bloating, constipation or diarrhea can be associated not only with what we eat, but also with our eating habits and behavior immediately after eating. To avoid digestive problems, it is useful to help your body digest food because it is hard work. What better not to do after eating?

Fast pace of life, fatigue and… long-term habits are three reasons that can make you feel worse after eating and even contribute to a digestive disorder. So it’s best to avoid these 6 common behaviors after eating.

What cannot be done after eating: Get up quickly from the table

Ideally, every meal should be an opportunity to at least temporarily take a break from the daily bustle. It is worth eating it calmly and not getting up from the table immediately after eating, even a few minutes are enough to catch your breath after breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The food itself is also worth eating at a slow pace – eating slowly, we give the body time to transmit to the brain information that we are already full. And that prevents overeating. Staying at the table after the food is finished helps make sure the stomach is full and gives it time to start digestion. Being quick to eat and getting up quickly from the table can lead to serious diseases of the digestive system.

What cannot be done after eating: Afternoon sleep

Traditional afternoon sleep is also a big mistake. A lack of exercise, not even too stressful, such as walking around the house or washing up, means food stays in the stomach longer and fat tissue is deposited much faster. After sitting at the table for a few minutes after eating, it’s best to go for a little walk – an easy walk helps the digestive system. However, post-meal activities should not be overly stressful.

What cannot be done after eating: Bathtub

A quick bath after a meal is most often held in the evening, after lunch. Tired all day, we soak up our food and run into the shower. This is not good because rinsing the body with warm water accelerates blood flow throughout the body, and after eating it is necessary for the stomach to work properly.

What cannot be done after eating: Fruit for dessert

Although fruit is a very healthy snack, it is better not to eat it immediately after eating, for dessert, even though it contains fiber that improves digestion. However, the situation is more complicated: fruits eaten immediately after eating are not digested immediately, because the digestive system must first cope with what we ate for lunch or dinner. So, the fruit remains in the stomach and begins to roam, which leads to gas formation and a feeling of gravity.

What cannot be done after eating: Dessert

Although sweet immediately after lunch is a pure pleasure, it is better not to reach for dessert right away. It is best if you observe three-hour intervals between meals. During this time, most of what we ate will be digested. Although the dessert is traditionally served immediately after dinner, it usually leads to overeating, and this is best avoided.

What cannot be done after eating:Drink coffee and tea

Drinking alcohol on time and immediately after eating slows down the digestive system. Diluted juices slow down the process of decomposition and absorption of the substances contained in the foods we eat. Drinking tea can further reduce iron absorption. However, if we need to drink something, clean, still water in a small amount (1-2 sips) is best.

This article is exclusively informative, in we have no right to prescribe any treatment or to make any diagnosis. We invite you to consult a doctor if any type of condition or discomfort appears.

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