Thuyu still breaks popularity records on the Vistula River, and this trend is not surprising. They decorate gardens or lots beautifully and allow you to naturally separate from your neighbors and thus gain more privacy. In order for thuyu to grow luxuriantly and look fantastic, they need several care procedures. The key is pruning. How and when to carry it out? Below are some tips.

Why do you need thuyu pruning?

Thuyu requires regular pruning. Correctly carried out treatment allows you to restrain their growth and give them the correct shape. Unfortunately, in this case, it is easy to make a mistake, because the pruning frequency should take into account the role and purpose of thuyu in the garden and – of course – the variety that the plant represents.

When is the best time to prune a thuyu?

Коли найкраще обрізати тую?
When is the best time to prune a thuyu?

It is easy to guess that thuyu, which function as hedges and garden decoration, most often take the form of sculptures, and are most often used with pruners. Gardeners recommend pruning them at least two or three times per season. Single freestanding thuyu should be cut in a sector only when they reach their lush size.

The moment of execution of the procedure is also a key parameter. It must be adapted to the age and size of the plant as well as the season. Young thuyu can be pruned only 12 months after planting in the soil when they reach a height of 1.8–2 m. The best time for pruning thuyu- as you might guess – is spring. A sign that the time is right for pruning is when the new thuyu buds begin to grow in size.

Thuja pruning: how to avoid a cardinal mistake?

Обрізка туї: як уникнути кардинальної помилки?
Thuja pruning: how to avoid a cardinal mistake?

As a rule, gardeners pick up pruners and scissors for the first time in the season in late March-early April. A good time for the next pruning is June when the growths begin to change color, and for the third, August. Do not disturb the structure of the thuyu in the following months, i.e. in the fall. Pruning too late can kill the plant in winter.

For successful pruning of thuyu, it is best to shorten the shoots by no more than 1/2 of the length during the first and second pruning, carried out in spring and mid-summer. The last treatment should be cosmetic and more delicate. (Shoots should be shortened by 1-2 cm).

How to cut a thuyu?

It is best to use pruning shears or pruning shears. You can buy these from any well-stocked gardening store.