The motto of the Shanghai diet: “Eat everything, do not starve, lose weight!” The secret of this diet is to suppress appetite and there is a constant desire. There are no prohibited foods, you do not need to count calories or deny yourself food. The key to success is suppressing appetite only with sugar or butter. What is the Shanghai La diet, and what are the consequences?

What is the Shanghai La diet?

Shanghai-La Diet was created for all those who cannot refuse a diet. Its creator, Dr. Seth Roberts, is based on the psychological aspect of weight loss problems. Thus, the basis of the diet is to determine the control point, that is, in this case, the weight that our body strives for by increasing appetite or slowing the metabolism. The reference point should be controlled so that the losing weight person does not feel hungry and at the same time thin.

The diet developed by Roberts does not exclude any food and does not require calorie counting. He also does not establish a daily calorie limit – on the contrary, he suggests its increase by 200-400 calories in the form of sugar dissolved in water or oil. They should be taken one hour before the main meal, that is, 3 times a day (in small portions). Thanks to this, a person on a diet during a meal feels much less hunger and, as a result, consumes a much smaller portion. The key to success – there are also tasteless dishes (soft, not cooked) that suppress appetite.

Benefits of Shanghai La Diet

The big advantage of the Shanghai-La diet is that you don’t have to painstakingly convert calories. The person using it should also not exclude any nutrients, which means that the diet does not lead to a deficiency of vitamins or minerals. It is also extremely simple, because the only difference is before drinking water with a little sugar or a tablespoon of olive oil. The creator of the diet himself claims that thanks to her, he lost about 15 kilograms in three months. And although sugar consumption is highly controversial, olive oil has many beneficial properties. The substances contained in it reduce the level of bad cholesterol, strengthen the immune system, have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects. The Shanghai-La diet also does not create additional costs and does not depend on hard-to-reach and expensive products.

Disadvantages of the Shanghai-La Diet

Despite the assurances of the creator of the diet itself, its effectiveness has not been confirmed by any research. Controversial is the consumption of water sugar before eating. Sugar is the main cause of obesity, and it has been proven that it weakens the immune system and promotes the development of cancer. It is also highly addictive and makes us feel sweeter hunger even more. The thesis that tasteless food reduces appetite and, consequently, leads to weight loss, has not been confirmed.

The biggest disadvantage of Shanghai-La diets is also to bypass volatile eating habits. Meanwhile, both nutritionists and doctors emphasize that a balanced diet that eliminates sweets, savory snacks, highly processed foods and alcohol gives the best results. Just limiting the amount of harmful and fatty foods due to a decrease in appetite will not bring an effect.