Many people struggling with overweight and obesity often make various attempts to get rid of those extra pounds. The task is not easy, because, in addition to changing your eating habits, you need to provide yourself with a solid dose of exercise. One way to lose weight is to eat a split diet. What is it about? We dispel all doubts.

What is a split diet?

The stand-alone diet, also known as the shutdown diet, was developed in the 1920s by William Hay. It is suggested that you eat three meals of unprocessed food at regular intervals throughout the day. The separate diet is designed in such a way as not to combine foods classified in two groups: acidic, alkaline, but a third, neutral, can be added to them. William Hay argued that the combination of foods with different pH causes the body to need a lot of digestive enzymes, which unnecessarily burden the body. In accordance with the provisions of the separate diet, it was possible to reduce body weight in a short time.

How do I split the products?

We already know that foods used in a separate diet are divided into three groups. However, how are they different? The first of these, alkaline, should be made up of carbohydrates. What product samples should I include? First, these are various types of cereals, bread, pasta, as well as rice and vegetables, especially potatoes. This broad group also includes dried fruits and bananas. Besides them, it is rich in sugar, honey, and syrups.
The second group – acidic – contains foods that are a source of protein. These are mainly meat and fish, traditionally cooked or steamed, as well as cold cuts and dairy products.

The latter – neutral – should include, first, fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as seeds, seeds, and grains. There should also be dairy products, but low in fat, such as kefir, natural yogurts, and cheese.

Split diet in practice

Роздільна дієта на практиці
Split diet in practice

The split diet assumes that you don’t combine carbohydrate and protein foods in your menu. Ideally, all meals should be divided into five servings, three of which are main at four-hour intervals, and two of which are smaller, so-called snacks. Remember to use neutral carbohydrate foods or neutral protein foods when cooking. At the same time, the simultaneous supply of acidic and alkaline products should not be allowed. In addition, it should be noted that the daily amount of calories consumed should not exceed a thousand.

What shouldn’t be eaten during the split diet?

The split diet is very strict. During it, you should not combine products from this food group, but you should also avoid certain items. Then what is on the “blacklist”? These include red meat, processed, fried, and unhealthy foods, as well as sweets, alcohol, coffee, and tea. You should also avoid hot spices and salt.

Separate Meals: Important Information

Unfortunately, the split diet is considered stricter, so introducing it can have a negative impact on your health. Initially, you should start preparing your body by developing the habit of preparing three main meals and two small meals, and also eliminating unwanted foods. Only after the initial phase should one proceed to the use of a certain group of food products. Of course, you should not forget about drinking fluids: preferably water, but you can also drink herbal or fruit infusions. However, you cannot drink them during meals – only between them.

Effects of a split diet

Ефекти роздільної дієти
Effects of a split diet

A split diet can bring tangible results. If you follow the rules, you can get rid of about two kilograms of excess body weight in two weeks. The split diet is rich in natural foods that also support important body processes and detoxify the body.

Unfortunately, this takes a lot of time and effort, which is why many people reject and often happens, the yo-yo effect occurs after the whole tedious process. The assumptions about a separate diet were developed almost a century ago, so a lot of research has been done by now, including those who say that combining protein and carbohydrate foods does not burden the body. When using the diet, remember that it cannot be extended for too long. You can spend no longer than three weeks on your own.