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You do not need a juicer to enjoy the taste of delicious, healthy cocktails and fruit and vegetable juices. Your blender can safely cope with this task. Do not worry, the juice prepared on it will be as transparent and velvety as the juice obtained from a professional juicer. All you need to know is a way to achieve this effect. You will find other tips later in this article.

You can basically make juice from any fruit and vegetables. Remember to wash and dry them first. Cut them into small pieces to make them easier to mix.

1. Pour 1-2 cups of water into the blender. This will make it easier to mix the individual ingredients. If you make juice from juicy fruits and vegetables (cucumber, melon, apples), you can reduce the amount of added water. If you use leafy vegetables, more water will make them easier to chop. Place the individual ingredients in layers in a blender container – from the heaviest to the lightest.

2. Close the container and turn on the blender. You may need to mix the ingredients several times, each time picking up their leftovers from the edges of the dish. Your goal is to get a velvet smoothie, similar in texture to a smoothie.

3. Strain the mash through a very thick strainer or cheesecloth. If the juice seems too cloudy to you, repeat the procedure again.

4. Press the pulp to the bottom of the sieve to squeeze as much juice as possible. Not a drop of such a valuable drink should be wasted.

Pour the finished juice into a glass. It tastes better right after cooking. It has the greatest nutritional value. You can also store juice in the refrigerator. The juice will remain fresh for several days.