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From what to begin to run – a question by which it is set more and more people wishing to lose weight, improve the state or to set the sports objects for itself. What to begin with if it never became for years or in life? What to do to avoid overtraining or a trauma? Learn how effectively to run to increase endurance and to reduce body weight.

How to begin to run?

How to begin to run, not to be disappointed after one training? For people who were never engaged in it or who had a long break, this test can become a huge burden, especially if the general state of health is far from ideal.

However, you shouldn’t lower hands, remembering that this type of physical activity is useful almost in every respect. If you don’t know from what to begin the adventure with run and whether they should be engaged in general, begin page … increases in awareness and motivation. So, remember that run:

  • strengthens a bone and muscular system and models a figure;
  • increases operability of an organism and ability to physical activities;
  • improves work of a cardiovascular system, stabilizes a warm rhythm, improves blood circulation;
  • influences work of nervous system, increases mental abilities, weakens, reduces tension;
  • positively influences the sphere of mentality, stimulating synthesis of endorphins – happiness hormones – therefore has ant depressive effect;
  • causes combustion of fat, allows controlling better weight, accelerates weight loss;
  • is an element of prevention of such diseases as diabetes, atherosclerosis, a hypertension, coronary heart disease, obesity and many others (though in the started stages become a contraindication for classes in this sport);
  • slows down processes of aging of an organism;
  • increases quality of life, degree of the general satisfaction, fullness, etc.;
  • is the active form of carrying out free time promoting establishment of valuable social contacts;
  • builds up character, increases ability and mobilization to resist to adversities.

Scientific research shows that regular run at the rate from 0.5 to 2.5 hours in a week statistically increases life expectancy of men by 6.2 and women for 5.6 years.

How it is better to begin to run? Remember that to begin to be engaged in run it is possible at any age, even if the state of health unsatisfactory. It is all about to have the good plan and to adapt the efforts for the abilities.

The plan how to begin to run

When you understand what to begin with, your plan will become a basis for a start before putting on footwear and to set off for the first time. Preparation has to include a number of elements, such as:

  • Assessment of current state of health taking into account all violations, diseases and violations which can pose a potential threat but also often are the indication by the beginning of training. It is on this matter good to consult with the doctor and to make the corresponding analyses.
  • Drawing up the concrete plan of trainings how loading will increase. The schedule can be corrected by means of the professional coach and also – especially when competitive, but entertaining efforts – independently or by means of the materials available on the Internet, such as 10 weeks or 6 weeks plan aren’t planned.
  • The choice of the correct footwear which has to be adapted, in particular, to the type of soil which will prevail. For example, footwear with high depreciation perfectly will be suitable for asphalt, and here for gravel and sand — where emphasis was put on stabilization of joints. The size is also important – footwear has to be on a half of the size (and in certain cases even on several) more, and never has to be too small or close. Also, it is worth paying attention to one parameter. Depending on the direction of weight of foot at the time of contact with the earth, buy footwear for the pro-nation (inside) or footwear for a supination (outside), perhaps neutral.

How to begin to run with zero physical training?

How to begin to run not in shape, from scratch or after a long break? First, gradually. One of the best methods — to practice various forms of the slowed-down movement.

It consists of alternation of races/run and walking. Whenever possible it is necessary to choose rather equal intervals, for example, one minute of run, one-minute walk. If it is possible, it has to take about 30 minutes.

You can change proportions in process of a set of a form that stages of run were longer, and steps in a march – are shorter. Even if from loading of a such type at you intercepts breath and prevents to train, 30-minute fast walk — more reasonable option for a start.

It is important to adjust speed. If she is too high, the organism will be over strained, and the training can end, having run several hundreds of meters, having become absolutely inefficient.

Also, do not forget to thoroughly warm up all muscles before starting the run.

It should be remembered that the lack of warm-up, load not adapted to the state of the body (too much distance, too high pace), as well as inappropriate shoes are the main causes of serious injuries, such as the “runner’s knee.” ,various kinds of sprains, tears, dislocations and even fractures.

Important: although running is almost a symbol of a healthy lifestyle, some diseases and disorders can be a contraindication.

The first is progressive obesity, which not only dramatically reduces the body’s performance, but also increases the risk of serious injuries as a result of overloading of the hip, knee or ankle joints.

It may also be impossible to run safely for people with serious cardiovascular disease, including high blood pressure, arrhythmia, heart failure and coronary artery disease.

How to start running to lose weight?

Sport is one of the most powerful allies of any person who wants to start fighting unnecessary pounds. How to start running to lose weight? Several guidelines should be remembered.

In this type of activity, it is not pacing that matters, but time. Therefore, it cannot be pushed through in a few minutes. Such a short effort is completely ineffective when it comes to dumping unnecessary kilograms.

It is generally accepted that the body begins to burn the accumulated fat only after 20 minutes. Therefore, the workout should last at least 30-45 minutes so that you can talk about any results.

Second, you have to monitor your heart rate as you run. The highest efficiency of fat burning is noted when it is at the level of 65-75 percent of the maximum heart rate. To check this parameter, it’s good to get a heart rate monitor.

Of course, how to start running when overweight or obese should also be considered in the context of safety.

If the extra pounds are very obvious, it is good to start a diet early, which will at least slightly reduce body weight. This will significantly affect the level of loads carried during running and reduce the risk of injury.

It should also be borne in mind the diseases that often accompany obesity. In many cases, treatment or better control is needed, such as high blood pressure.

How to start running after 40?

Age is a factor that naturally reduces the body’s performance and ability to withstand effort. There is no severe fracture in this case, but it is approximately assumed that by about 35 years of age, opportunities begin to decrease markedly.

It is for this reason that many professional athletes engaged in various disciplines and their professional careers to one degree or another at this time.

How do you start running at 40, especially if you haven’t done it before? In the fifth ten of life, the body is still able to make great efforts.

However, for debutants, it is advisable to follow the above recommendations regarding alternation of running and walking, gradual increase in loads or adjustment of pace and distance to their capabilities.

The answer to the question of how to start running after 50 or 60 years is similar, but with each decade more emphasis will be placed on the component of walking, or even walking, to the detriment of jogging or running.

In the case of people of retirement age and burdened with serious diseases, running may be categorically contraindicated, but never give up less intense outdoor activities such as walking (at least 30 minutes, 3 times a week).

How to start running on a treadmill?

In winter, when the weather is unfavorable, an interesting alternative is to use a mechanical treadmill at home or in the gym. These types of devices are easy to use and allow you to exercise effectively even when it snows or rains outside the window.

How to start running on a treadmill? First, remember the general rules presented above regarding the loads, duration of training and its pace.

Each such equipment has the ability to set the appropriate speed, and often the angle of inclination (imitating running on flat terrain, but also uphill).

People who are just starting or adjusting to long workouts should start with light loads, with a pace of about 6 km/h – this is the walking speed of an adult.

The setting increases as you enter the form. It is also worth knowing that running on a treadmill can be subordinated to various plans and ready-made or personally changed programs.

Usually, after entering the device menu, you can select load complexes aimed at rapidly reducing fat deposits, improving the condition, etc.

How to start running in winter?

Of course, you can also run outside in winter. This is primarily a matter of readiness, determination and the right equipment.

How to start running in winter? In this case, one of the key factors is heating. It should be much longer and more intense than in summer.

In such conditions, it is much more difficult to alert the muscle system. It is assumed that heating is carried out until the subjective feeling of winter disappears.

The main thing is not to run in thick winter jackets, especially if they are airtight.

Specialist kits are recommended, consisting of breathable underwear (sweat-diverting and quick-drying) and the same long-sleeved sweater and fleece or thin spiral. It is good if breathable clothes protect against the wind at the same time.

It is recommended to run in winter at temperatures up to minus 5 degrees, up to a maximum of minus 10 degrees. A more severe frost in people suffocating during exercise can even damage the lungs.

Hypothermia, especially in uncooked runners, also increases the risk of colds.

The main thing, if possible, is to choose places without snow, without residual snow and ice.

This is not only about the risk of overturning, but also about a much greater burden on various parts of the muscles and joints, when additional energy is used to maintain balance.

How to start running with a dog?

Canicrossing, that is, running with a dog, is becoming more and more popular. This type of activity can be practiced with animals of many breeds, but large and medium-sized dogs such as German shepherds, greyhounds and huskies are especially intended for it.

However, it makes no sense to force dogs who prefer lazy walks and quickly tire, such as the French bulldog, into efforts. It should also be remembered that you should not run with puppies, as well as with old animals.

The distance that can be covered with a four-legged friend is from 2 to even 10 kilometers, depending on the race or abilities of the four-legged friend.

How to start running with a dog? The recommendations mentioned above apply to humans. In the case of a dog, its tolerance to physical activity should also be gradually increased, starting with intensive walks and short steps.

Only later can you move on to running longer distances and at a faster pace. Importantly, the dog also needs to keep warm.

It is also important to take care of the appropriate accessories, such as:

  • Special dog harness, never wear a collar that can even strangle an animal.
  • Temlyak with shock absorber, quite short, maximum 3 meters.
  • Belt to which the leash will be attached. Thus, the runner frees his hands, controls the animal and, in addition, uses his energy while running.