Each organism constantly tries to support acid-base balance. At his violation usually speak about acidization. This situation is negative because promotes formation of many diseases. Therefore, many people look for information on how to restore acid-base balance. One of the best methods is modification of a diet and use of the herbs reducing acidity. However, it is worth emphasizing that these methods of treatment significantly don’t change рН blood and urine, what point researches to. However, they can support the bodies participating in maintenance of acid-base exchange, including a liver and kidneys.

What herbs deoxidate an organism?

Though the human body has various buffer systems allowing him to neutralize and remove acids (liver, kidneys, lungs) there are cases when many want to help him with this action. Of course, a lot of things depend on a way of life which you conduct. It appears, daily habits — very essential factor operating on acid-base balance. It is easy to guess that it is all about a diet. Acidulation of an organism is promoted by application in food of much meat, dairy products, coffee and also smoking. As speak about consequences of a chronic acid-base imbalance long ago, many people use herbs for an organism raskisleniye. Their regular consumption can support functioning of an organism at various levels.

Let’s check what herbs deoxidate an organism. First it is worth mentioning a nettle, a horsetail, a dandelion and leaves of a birch. The tradition of their medical application is extremely long. Generally, it is diuretic herbs. They strengthen a diuresis and also have the cleaning and disintoxication effect on an organism. The grass of a nettle strengthens removal of chlorides and urea, removes excess of sodium, and also promotes removal of toxins from an organism. Positively influences exchange processes. Besides harmful compounds, the nettle will also bring excess of uric acid out of an organism — her adjournment brings in joints, including, to for gout, on the other hand, he also acts as bile-expelling and bile-expelling means. It is a popular grass for a liver. It is enough to make the above-stated raw materials and to accept it in the form of infusions. They can be met very often as a part of ready travosmesy.

One more plant with the strong alkalinizing properties which can be used as one of herbs for an organism raskisleniye is gout. Moreover, it also longs time was used for treatment of concrete diseases. One of them is gout, what points the name of raw materials to. So, elder ground — the popular gout medicine recommended by generally traditional medicine. As well as a nettle, he effectively expels from an organism an excess of uric acid. As a rule, he is advised to accept in the form of infusions. Besides, in the early spring from her, it is possible to prepare juice (treatment shouldn’t exceed 2 weeks) or to treat her with tasty additive to salads.

How to deoxidize the body with herbs?

If you’re still wondering which herbs for a sour organism will be the best choice, you should also be interested in thistle. Holy thistle seeds can not only help the body return to acid-base balance, but also support the liver. The silimarin contained in their coat is a valuable hepatoprotective compound.

It’s also worth remembering algae! Chlorella and spirulina, rich in green pigment (chlorophyll), have a cleansing effect on the body and are recommended for detoxification. They can support the body in maintaining the correct pH, as well as alkalizing herbs that are commonly used in cooking. Of course, it’s about spices like coriander or parsley. These are also weighting loss-promoting herbs that are very often used during diets, such as a nutritional ingredient in cocktails.

Of course, it should be remembered that herbs are not the only way to support the liver and kidneys, which play a key role in maintaining acid-base balance. So, what should be on the plate if we plan to use herbal teas that deoxidize the body? First, there are fewer dairy products and meat and more vegetables, especially green ones: broccoli, cucumbers, courgettis, cabbage, as well as beets, celery, radishes, onions and garlic. The latter is also a distinct herb from parasites, traditionally used as a dietary component during anthelmintic treatments.

In addition to vegetables, some fruits also have an acidity-reducing effect, including apples, pineapples, watermelons, avocados, apricots and citrus fruits such as lime or orange. How about lemon? After all, so much is said about its alkalizing effect on the body. Well, there is no scientific data on the alkaline effect of lemon water on blood ph. At the same time, only slight alkalization of urine (50 ml of lemon juice) is indicated in the literature.

However, it is worth drinking infusions of green tea, a popular herb that reduces the body’s acidity. Unlike coffee, it is alkaline, so it can be a healthy substitute if we want to return to acid-base balance. However, it should be remembered that, like regular tea, green tea can also prevent the absorption of iron, so it is not recommended to drink it while eating or immediately after taking drugs or supplements that include this component.

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