Many of us would like to enjoy a young and beautiful appearance for many years. Some do not have to worry about it because they have it in their genes. Those who are less fortunate are doomed to expensive treatment with aesthetic medicine. All you need is the right lifestyle and diet so that the signs of aging appear much later. In that case, what is there to preserve your youth? What products subtract years? Where can we find the so-called vitamin of youth? Let’s get a look.

Foods That Prevent Aging

Many celebrities we know from the headlines enjoy a flawless young look and no wrinkles. This is not always the result of surgery, only a healthy lifestyle. Avoiding stimulants, adequate sleep, a reliable dose of exercise – this is only part of the circadian rhythm and the key to well-being. In addition, the most important is a proper diet, which plays a key role in maintaining youth. The secret is to consume foods that sensationally affect the entire body.


Cod is one of the healthiest fish. She is known for receiving precious oil, which is an excellent supplement to strengthen immunity. This is not the only advantage of cod consumption. It provides us with omega-3 fatty acids, which effectively prevent cardiovascular disease. The presence of antioxidants provides effective protection against aging and the development of cancer. In addition, in the cod, we will find several valuable vitamins: A, D and B vitamins. Eating this fish regularly, we will quickly notice a difference in the appearance of the skin.


These green vegetables are great at fighting all diseases. This is due to a number of vitamins and suffocated – a powerful antioxidant that effectively protects against the most common types of cancer: breast, prostate, lung and colon. Broccoli significantly improves skin condition, strengthens eyesight and effectively boosts the body’s immunity. Unfortunately, we often poorly cook this wonderful vegetable, depriving it of valuable nutrients. It’s best to blanch them, steam them for a short time (3-4 minutes) or eat them raw.


This is one of the most popular vegetables on our tables. It is also a component of many salads and soups. We are happy to have a bite between meals. What can we find in all this famous vegetable? First, carotene, which are responsible for its beautiful and rich color. In addition, they are powerful antioxidants that quickly get rid of free radicals from our body. In addition, it is a treasury of vitamin A, the lack of which causes deterioration of the skin condition – color changes appear on it, and it quickly becomes dry and dull. Then it is more prone to damage and wrinkles are visible on it.


Bran is obtained from cereals. They provide the hard part of the fiber that regulates bowel function. The latter, in addition to the important functions of the digestive system, affect our entire body. Thanks to this, it quickly removes metabolic products, removes dangerous toxins, promotes the absorption of valuable nutrients and facilitates the disposal of extra pounds. Bran contains valuable vitamins A and B vitamins.


Beets are a weapon in the fight against cancer. All thanks to the betanin contained in them, which effectively delays the aging of body cells. In addition, it also protects against anemia. Beetroot juice is especially recommended for women with menopause. Eliminates hot flashes, relieves periodic migraines and additionally regulates the functioning of the heart.

Olive oil

Olive oil is an ally in the struggle for a slim figure. It is a source of saturated fatty acids that protect the cardiovascular system. In addition, olive oil is an excellent cosmetic. Prevents brittle hair and nails. When applied to the skin, it makes it sufficiently hydrated and supple. This is due to vitamin E, which is called the vitamin of youth.

Cranberries and Pineapple

Cranberries are considered a super product, that is, they contain an exceptional amount of healthy ingredients. How does this affect our appearance? Effectively moisturizes the skin, regulates its pH and visibly smoother it. Pineapple, on the other hand, contains vitamins (A, C and group.). The bromelain present in it has a particularly beneficial effect on the condition of our skin.