Many women dream of long and slender legs. Among us there are those who want to lose weight. No wonder beautiful legs are a valuable attribute. However, how to take care of this element of your appearance? How to achieve the desired goal? Is there a diet for slim hips? Or maybe hip exercises are better?

Diet for slender legs

Although there is no shortage of people, they argue that there is a diet that helps to lose weight only parts of the body, this is not entirely true. Any way to lose weight allows you to remove excess fat from the entire body. In other words, when planning to lose weight on your hips, we must consider the fact that we will lose part of the body from the stomach and even from the hands. The silhouette usually changes proportionally.

What really is true is the belief that in order to lose weight, you need to use the menu to reduce calories. This diet is 80% success. Exercises for the hips are of secondary importance, they allow you to build muscle, lose weight a little, but this diet gives a tangible effect.

So, what should a slim legs diet look like

(which also reduces the stomach and other parts of the body)?

1. You should eat 4–6 times a day,

2. achieve balanced dishes, always rich in vegetables. Remember cereals, brown rice, whole grain pasta, cereals, legumes, lean meats,

3. avoid highly processed foods, unfortunately, are rich in salt, retains water in the body,

4. cook using local seasonal vegetables

5. pay attention to the processing method, limit frying, choose to steam and baking,

6. minimize unhealthy snacks and sweets that are responsible for weight gain,

7. drink at least 1.5 liters of fluid per day – herbal teas and mineral water,

8. limit the amount of strong coffee and tea as much as possible. Stop soda drinks, limit your alcohol intake and quit smoking.

 Exercises for the hips. Where to begin

Before proceeding to modeling the hips, it is recommended to lose excess fat from them. For this purpose, it is best to use cardio exercises (aerobics and endurance training). You do not need to go to the gym to achieve the goal of your dreams. It is enough to systematically climb stairs, jump rope, ride a bicycle (for example, stationary) and do squats with a jump. You can also swim or run systematically.

Each of these activities will help you lose weight, and not just on the hips.
After systematically repeated cardio workouts, you should do hip exercises and continue both exercises in turn. If you are systematic, they will give a noticeable effect in three weeks. Exercise 3–4 times a week.

Here are some simple home cooking tips:

1. Stand straight with your back slightly to the sides, straighten your arms forward to shoulder level. Do half squats with your knees bent? Remember to keep your back straight.

2. Lie on the right side, put your right forearm on the floor. Pull your hips forward and place your legs parallel to the floor. Legs and torso should be in line. Then do the exercise by lifting your foot to the ceiling. Practice lying on one side, once on the other side.

3. Place your legs parallel to your hips. Then take a step back, bending the knee at a right angle between the hips and calf. The knee of the front leg should be above the ankle. Return to the previous position and repeat, discarding the other leg.

Want to have slender hips? Remember what is written above

The key to hip loss is diet and cardio workout. Too intense training in the form of a silhouette instead of losing weight in the hips can expand them due to muscle growth. Thus, instead of achieving the dream goal, we get the opposite effect to what was intended.