Violation of blood circulation in legs usually consists of venous insufficiency, quite widespread frustration which is shown in the form of difficulty of venous return from below (lower extremities) (heart) up.

The reasons of this problem are numerous and often connected with age, but also can be caused by a malposture, use of improper footwear, excess weight and the wrong way of life.

Often ignored venous insufficiency if not to treat it properly, can develop into a varicosity and a varicosity, violation which is not only esthetic, but also functional as it is responsible for changes in blood circulation.

Its beginning is usually imperceptible and consists in the slight heavy feeling in the lower extremities arising after long hours of standing in vertical position.

Even a sitting position, if it wrong, can promote deterioration in blood circulation in legs because, being some time not movable, they are in anatomic adverse state.

People with an excess weight (and especially those who are inclined to obesity) are more inclined to this frustration as blood circulation is complicated because of weight load of the subject.

It is necessary to consider that from the lower departments of a body blood has to rise up, pushed by the reduction of venous walls controlled by muscular activity (which in a sense «squeeze» veins).

When frustration accepts the considerable sizes, it becomes well noticeable in the form of trashy under skin: these are the blood vessels expanded with stagnation of blood which hardly is returned to hear.

Symptoms and means from violation of blood circulation in legs

Симптоми та засоби від порушення кровообігу в ногах
Symptoms and means from violation of blood circulation in legs

The most characteristic sign of venous insufficiency is existence of well visible vessels at the level of various departments of the legs, having linear or the spherical look is more often.

Pain is also the phenomenon accompanying frustration and arising together with feeling of widespread heat in the struck area.

Also, there can be a reddening around the turned-out vessel which usually tends to reduction at a raising of legs; actually, having them above, they facilitate venous return, helping to empty the lower parts of vessels.

Among means which practice most often there is a physical movement which purpose just and is in improving blood circulation; actually, thanks to activity of a muscle alternately are reduced and relax, functioning as the pump which helps blood to move ahead on vessels.

One more correct offer — not to gain weight, and to support the ideal weight, as the body is calibrated on a certain value of weight which affects its functionality.

There are effective hygienic devices, such as elastic stockings improving blood circulation, which should be carried during the day.

It is also very important to move constantly legs, especially when you are forced to sit many hours; the immovability actually increases stagnation of blood.

The delay of water is the phenomenon which often promotes aggravation of violations of blood circulation, as availability of extracellular liquid in the lower extremities (especially in ankles) creates an obstacle for return of blue blood to heart.

It can be useful to carry out the sparing gymnastics which is picked up according to individual requirements which, as a rule, is capable to accelerate blood circulation, helping to improve a functional condition of legs, especially for the people leading an inactive life or suffering from excess weight.

Value of a bed at violation of blood circulation in legs

It is necessary to keep to persons with defects of blood circulation legs in horizontal position raised over a trunk to improve inflow of blood to heart.

In this regard, it is useful to use the motorized orthopedic basis of a bed equipped with the special electric mechanism capable to change the provision of various parts of a body.

By means of the special control panel it is possible to lift and lower as the top part of a grid (corresponding to a trunk, hands and the head), and the lower part (concerning legs).

Installation of the raised grid at the level of the lower extremities gives considerable advantage to blood circulation as venous return is facilitated and considerably venous insufficiency decreases.

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