Many of us are looking for ways to effectively protect the body from serious diseases, mainly from cancer. We often choose the simplest solution – take nutritional supplements in tablets. Result? In one day, we eat even a dozen different pills, forgetting that this is not the best form of health care. So, what to do to strengthen the body and protect it from serious diseases? Enough to enrich your diet with natural antioxidants, which effectively eliminate the free radicals responsible for the development of most diseases. Let’s check which products are the most contained.

What are antioxidants?

Antioxidants are chemicals that inhibit oxidation in the body. What does this mean in practice? Even small doses of antioxidants remove free radicals from the body and prevent their formation. Free radicals are responsible for the development of most diseases, including cancer. However, this is not all. In addition to protecting against disease, antioxidants also slow down aging. They give us youth and a beautiful appearance.

Antioxidants can be divided into two groups. The first are endogenous antioxidants, that is, those that are produced by the body. The second group – exogenous antioxidants – are substances taken with food.

Natural antioxidants, or what should be in the diet of each of us

Undoubtedly, everybody needs antioxidants. It doesn’t matter whether he is young or old. Antioxidants strengthen our health and improve the functioning of the whole body. Here are their richest sources.

Fruits and vegetables

Most vegetables and fruits are thought to contain antioxidant substances. Therefore, they should occupy a key place in the diet. However, we can name a few of them that show the most powerful antioxidant properties. Here they are:

Vegetables: artichokes, beets, tomatoes, parsley, carrot, spinach, avocado, paprika.

Fruits: dried fruits blueberries, cranberries, choke berry, black currant, raspberry, strawberry, dark grapes, apples, grenade, citrus fruits, melon.

A large amount of antioxidants is also found in salmon, poultry, nuts, cocoa, tea (especially green), herbs, oriental spices, rapeseed oil and wine. All of these foods should be included in our diet.

Sample daily menu

Here’s an example of a daily menu rich in natural antioxidants:


Muesli with natural yogurt with a handful of dry fruit mix, a teaspoon of honey and a handful of blueberries. A glass of beetroot and spinach smoothie made with juice or skim milk without the addition of preservatives.


Two slices of whole grain bread with pasta made from avocado and tomato. A cup of green tea.


Baked turkey, steamed vegetable platter, baked beets, fresh spinach and tomato salad. You can season the dish as you like.


Omelet with tomatoes, nuts and spinach, seasoned with oriental spices. A cup of green tea.

Antioxidant-rich foods should be at the top of the menu all year long. You should also drink water regularly – at least eight glasses a day. This allows you to cleanse the body of toxins and improves its performance.

Beware of antioxidant pills

Any nutritional value and substance are better absorbed by the body when we deliver it in its natural form. If we eat foods rich in antioxidants, we no longer need to take pills. An excess of antioxidants in the body is also not indicated. We may have additional health problems.