The need to stay home because of the coronavirus pandemic can have a negative impact on both our psyche and our physical condition. Lack of movement negatively affects the circulatory system, and also contributes to the accumulation of fat. What to do in order not to gain weight while sitting at home? How to spend free time to combine business with pleasure? What exercise is best done at home?

Physical activity at home

It is worth starting the day with morning exercises and simple exercises – muscle stretching, squats, jumps or popular “sliders”. The series should be enriched by dynamic vibrations of the arms and legs, circulation of the arms and slopes. More athletic people can do push-ups, lift weights (they can be replaced, for example, with bottles of mineral water) or do cardio exercises, for example, to fall. Lying exercises are also very beneficial for the muscles and the whole body. In this position, we can “ride a bicycle” or make a “bridge” – to raise the hips for a few seconds. It is important to repeat the exercises cyclically at small intervals so that the muscles do not cool. Morning exercises stimulate our body to action and can replace walking or prepare to leave home. Regular exercise will improve our condition and mood – during our physical efforts, “hormones of happiness” are released in our body. It is worth knowing that there are many free materials (like movies) and phone apps that let us know which exercises are best for us.

The calming power of plants

In your free time, you should devote yourself to caring for plants. Gardening is the best solution, especially because spring is the time of many procedures. At the turn of March and April, it is worth getting rid of the remains of autumn leaves, dig up discounts and remove winter cover from plants. It is also time for pruning fruit tree shoots and lawn care (sowing seeds at the places of defects). In April, the first fertilization of plants should also be carried out.

People who do not have a garden can turn to potted plants. March is the best time for transplantation and reproduction, as well as the first fertilization. However, you should always check what preferences a given plant has (some species are transplanted and propagated only after flowering).

House cleaning

In everyday life, it is difficult for us to motivate ourselves to organize huge closets or storage rooms. Or maybe in the basement or in the attic there are a lot of unnecessary things? If we do not have the opportunity to engage in free time, the organization of such spaces can be an ideal solution. Thanks to this, we will not only catch up, but also get rid of negative thoughts, and, first, we will move a little. Forced sitting at home should also be used for other activities – washing and ironing curtains, whipping carpets or washing windows. Organizing a home will also protect us from snacks between meals – boredom helps us eat more food and therefore increase weight.

Regular food

Eating regularly is especially important when we spend most of our time at home. Let’s follow the rules of eating every 3-4 hours and avoid snacks. Due to poor physical activity, we also need to slightly reduce the number of calories. It is better to eat more often and in small portions. Let’s also take care of their quality. Avoid foods that are highly processed, high in salt and preservatives, and eat as much silage, vegetables, and fruits as possible. It’s better to cook steamed or in the oven, so we will limit the number of calories. It is worth knowing that alcohol has a harmful effect on the body – it promotes a snack, provides many calories and dramatically reduces immunity.