Although many people think that honey is just empty calories and can do more harm than good, especially for dieters, doctors agree that this is the best way to replace white sugar. Apparently, after drinking warm milk with honey, a person sleeps better. According to supporters of traditional medicine, chamomile tea with a tablespoon of honey gives a similar effect, and since ancient times in Asia it was customary to eat a teaspoon of honey before bedtime. What does it give?

Honey: You will sleep better

It turns out that organic, raw honey can work wonders! It has been proven that eating honey in the evening keeps the liver in a state that allows it to produce the required amount of glycogen. When honey is consumed before bedtime, the brain goes into crisis fuel search mode. That is why we often wake up terribly hungry at night. Honey helps release tryptophan, which is converted to serotonin, and then helps in the production of melatonin. In addition, honey helps strengthen immunity and restores tissue during sleep.

Good honey on a diet?

Мед: Хороший мед на дієті?
Good honey on a diet?

Many people wonder if honey is a good idea when dieting. The answer is yes! According to tests conducted by nutrition experts, athletes who ate foods rich in fructose (including honey) burned ten times fatter than the average person. You can see that honey works as a quality fuel for the liver and allows you to produce much more glucose. When glucose production is sufficient, information about it enters the brain, which sends the hormones responsible for burning fat. However, to really see the difference in weight, you need to follow a diet and completely replace sugar with honey. In addition, before going to bed, you can drink warm water with three tablespoons of honey.

Honey: You will feel much better

If you think that honey is just the sweet successor to white sugar, then you are mistaken. In addition to burning fat and rejuvenating cells, honey provides protection against germs, especially in autumn and winter. The soothing properties of honey, which acts as a cure for sore throats and excruciating coughs, are also known. However, note that honey is not intended for children under the age of one year. In Australia and New Zealand, manuka honey is used to treat wounds. This form of honey has been known for several generations; it is designed to stop the infection.