Much has been said about the harmful effects of alcohol, but at the same time, the voices of those who believe that in small doses it can be useful for the body do not disappear. Regardless of which side we are on, it is worthwhile to adhere to the most important thesis that even small amounts of consumption can be addictive and, thus, increase the risk of serious and often irreversible changes in the body. In addition, certain types of alcohol differ in ethanol concentration. Check which alcohols are most harmful to your stomach or liver and have a very negative effect on your entire psychophysical state.

Alcohol and Health

Many people say that drinking alcohol in small doses is not harmful. On the contrary, it can help improve the functioning of some organs. For example, a glass of red wine, drunk after dinner, has a beneficial effect on the heart, and a glass of beer contains vitamins and antioxidants that fight free radicals. It is important that each alcoholic drink contains ethanol, which burdens the liver and can be highly addictive. It is known that drinking one glass of vodka, wine or a glass of beer will not cause chaos in the body, but under no circumstances should it be considered as an incentive to drink it every day.

The effect of alcohol on the liver and stomach

Highly concentrated drinks are the main cause of many diseases. Of course, the stomach and liver are at greatest risk: these two organs have the largest share in the digestion of ethanol. Alcohol abuse causes liver obesity, chronic inflammation, fibrosis and, in the worst case, liver cirrhosis. It is known that this is the only organ in the body that has the ability to regenerate, although for this it is necessary to completely abandon bad habits. When it comes to the effect of alcohol on the digestive system, its use most often threatens with an ulcer, varicose veins of the esophagus, reflux and chronic nausea. In addition, alcohol is the so-called empty calories – it simply puts energy, without adding any vitamins or minerals that are good for your health.

What alcohols should be avoided?

It is known that the use of denatured and even pure alcohol is very harmful, even life-threatening. The more alcohol in the composition, the more harmful to drink. Which ones have the most? All those that contain more than 40%: whiskey, bourbon, absinthe, vodka (pure and flavored), plum brandy, cognac, etc. Lighter are, for example, wine (red and white) and beer. Drinks with the addition of sweetened drinks can be especially dangerous, and even more so with the addition of energy drinks: they cause an increase in heart rate, dangerously increase blood pressure and further enhance the already negative effects of alcohol.

How to minimize the negative effects of alcohol?

There are situations where it is known that drinking alcohol cannot be avoided. Therefore, knowing this in advance, it is worthwhile to prepare yourself to minimize the load on your body. First, you should not drink on the so-called fasting – you need to eat something in advance: the food should be hearty and sufficiently high-calorie – due to its fat content, alcohol is absorbed more slowly. It is also worth going to a well-rested party – despite a large dose of energy in drinks, a depleted body reacts worse to rapid consumption of ethanol. Last, no less important rule – do not mix different types of drinks for one evening. Choosing one thing, you should stay faithful to him – otherwise the devastated body will be subject to a very strong hangover.