Even the most careful driver can puncture the tire – it is one of the most operated parts of the car. Arrival on a foreign subject, for example a nail, is the most common cause of damage. Even regular maintenance of the car won’t protect you from such breakage. It also doesn’t depend on dynamic driving or a way of use of the car. Moreover, the nail in the tire can ruin considerably your plans — especially if you hurry on an important meeting, or you go to the planned holiday long ago. If you suspect that the tire is damaged, it is necessary to work quickly.

Nail in the tire – how to distinguish?

There are several various types of damages of tires, and they aren’t always shown by the pressure loss. The disturbing noise, jolting of a wheel and vibration of unknown origin belong to the most frequent symptoms. The driver can notice that the car pulls towards the damaged tire. This state directly influences comfort and safety of driving and can even pose a threat for participants of traffic; therefore, he shouldn’t be underestimated.

Lowered a wheel – what to do?

If you noticed any disturbing symptoms which can demonstrate damage to the tire, you shouldn’t continue the movement. The best decision is to move down immediately on the roadside safely to confirm potential failure of the tire — it needs to be done in the safe place, it is desirable on a plain surface. Before leaving the car, switch off the engine, turn on the emergency brake and leave the car on transfer. Also don’t forget to put on a reflective vest and to place the sign of an emergency stop at the corresponding distance from the car — depending on area type it there will be a meter, 30-50 m or 100 m.

Replacement of tires – what can’t be done?

Your suspicions were confirmed also a problem in a nail in the tire? Don’t try to pull out it as it will cause sudden loss of air and will only complicate a situation. A specially developed design of the tire means that the foreign matter nestles a steel cord of the tire that for some time prevents pressure loss. So, you can continue to go? It isn’t recommended. The safest decision — to use a spare wheel — him can be replaced independently, to ask the skilled colleague or to use technical help services.

How it is safe to replace a wheel?

Before you begin the process of replacement of the tire on a new spare, safety has to be your priority. After installation of the sign of an emergency stop, it is possible to block in addition wheels in the car blocks. Also make sure that you have tools necessary for this purpose, especially a jack and a balloon key – for example, dynamometer or so-called. Teutonic knight. In some situations, the repair kit is convenient and borrows much less to the place, than a spare wheel.

Visit of a vulcanizer

The nail, screw or other foreign matter in rubber are always a good motive to visit curing — the expert can look at him in a professional look and estimate whether it is possible to repair it or it is necessary to buy the new tire. What does it depend on? In addition, the extent of defect, the place where there is an opening and type of damage. The vulcanizer will also pay attention to your protector — sometimes it turns out that tires all the same should be replaced, and their damage — a good occasion for this purpose.

When it is possible to repair the tire?

Hammered a nail not always means costs of purchase of the new tire. In many situations, it is possible to repair qualitatively tires that will allow saving significantly. In particular, small openings in a front part of a protector with a diameter up to 6 mm are subject to repair. If the mechanic didn’t notice any swellings, and the framework of the tire wasn’t damaged, it can be repaired successfully.

When repair of tires isn’t recommended?

The situation is aggravated when the nail is hammered into a protector surface, sideways the tire or other her internal and external wall. Then even professional curing won’t be able to restore initial durability, and such attempt can lead to the fact that the tire will burst during the movement. Any openings, cuts or scrapes on a sidewall weaken its internal structure that does it susceptible to big loading. Then there is a risk that the tire will burst at an inopportune moment that will create huge threat of life of passengers and other participants of traffic.

Nail in the tire – a serious obstacle for continuation of the movement. In this case, as soon as possible address a vulcanizer, and they will solve your problem.