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In autumn, when the air temperature drops, we are more susceptible to infections. This is an ideal time for the bacteria and viruses that our weakened body suffers from. Based on natural ingredients, we can create syrups that will help us overcome the first symptoms of the common cold and flu. Their actions are the same as those you buy at the pharmacy. Products that act as natural antibiotics. How to make homemade syrup? Why does black cumin effectively kill viruses, parasites and bacteria and at the same time treat cough, runny nose? Let’s consider.


Allspice is an incomparable addition to our dishes. Thanks to this, soups and sauces acquire an intense and pleasant spicy aftertaste. Its use, in addition to culinary qualities, is recommended for gastrointestinal diseases, as it helps with constipation and indigestion. In addition, it turns out that this aromatic spice will be useful in typical autumn and winter infections. It is used for persistent coughing, colds, and even flu. Making syrup is very simple. Pound a teaspoon of allspice in a mortar and add it to a liter of hot water along with a glass of sugar. After cooling, you can use it twice a day – treatment can be started after the first symptoms of malaise appear.

Beetroot Syrup

Beetroot phenomenally affects the whole body. Perfectly cleanses the airways and soothes a constant cough. Of course, there are more benefits to drinking beetroot syrup. This is an injection of energy and vitamins, including vitamin C, which is a natural antioxidant and significantly reduces the time of illness. How to make medicinal syrup? It’s incredibly simple – just mix raw and peeled beets in a blender, add two tablespoons of honey and transfer to a jar. The best effect is achieved when taking one teaspoon of juice in the morning and evening.

Clove syrup

A good specificity that will quickly deal with infections is cleaved syrup. The essential oils contained in them have antibacterial properties and quickly cope with lung secretion. Clove also eliminates morning hoarseness. How to make syrup? Prepare a jar of honey and put a few (about 6) cloves in it. While mixing, try chopping the spice floating in honey. Set aside in a jar in a dark and dry place for twenty-four hours. On the second day, remove the clove present in the syrup. During colds, take one teaspoon once a day.


Popular, thyme is used primarily by people suffering from skin diseases. Quickly copes with acne and other shortcomings. Why? All thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. A syrup from this herb will quickly put you on your feet during a cold. How to do? Pour a handful of fresh thyme leaves into a mixture of hot water and add two cups of sugar to the mixture. Stir everything and leave for forty-eight hours in a dry and cool place. After the necessary time, remove the leaves, and you’re done. Use one teaspoon of syrup per day during infection.

Pine shoot syrup

Pine shoot syrup effectively boosts immunity. In addition, it facilitates dry coughing and facilitates coughing of residual secretions in the lungs. It warms up perfectly and has a pleasant forest taste. How to do it. Prepare a large container, a kilogram of pine shoots and a kilogram of sugar. The ingredients should be laid in layers (cover the pine shoots with a portion of sugar and do this alternately until the ingredients run out). Syrup is not ready immediately. The container must be sealed with sterile gauze and wait at least six weeks for the drug mixture to form.

Onion syrup

Onion syrup is specific, which cannot be absent in this combination. This is a long-known way to increase immunity, which our great-grandmothers already knew. A sweet taste means that you can quickly get rid of an infection, a tiring cough, and also effectively prevent anemia. How to do it finely chop two onions, put them in a bowl and carefully pour sugar – you can also add a little honey. After a few hours, when the onion is free of juice, strain and pour into a sealed jar. You can give syrup to children – one teaspoon every three hours during an illness.

Ginger, Lemon and Honey

Ginger, lemon and honey, we add to tea, in combination give you a really strong mixture that will defeat even the most resistant infections. The syrup has anti-inflammatory, warming and firming effects. How to cook? Prepare a small jar, half fill it with honey, add a few slices of lemon (along with the peel) and grated ginger. Mix thoroughly and place it in a dark place for at least 24 hours. Or take a teaspoon in the morning and evening.

Black cumin

Black cumin has a positive effect on our whole body. Supports kidney function, contains a number of antioxidants and effectively kills viruses, parasites and bacteria. Cure coughs, runny nose and relieves diseased compartments. These are not the only benefits of consuming it – it protects the stomach and fights reflex. How to get the best from black cumin? Prepare garlic cloves, a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of black cumin. Garlic crush or squeeze through the press. Mix with the rest of the ingredients and add the finished mixture to one teaspoon of tea.