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Do you know the warning symptoms of a stroke, risk factors, or how to reduce the likelihood of a stroke? Be careful and take care!

In life, every second matters. Time is constantly progressing and, without realizing it, passes too quickly. And when it comes to cardiac or stroke accidents, even more so. In these circumstances, it is important to act as quickly as possible. By focusing on the blows, also known as the blow, as the minutes pass, the chances of recovery are reduced.

What is a stroke?

This is one of the leading causes of death. A stroke is damage to the cerebral circulation that affects the organ. That is, this is a change that occurs when one of the blood vessels that supply blood to the brain clogs or ruptures. And therefore, it reduces the ability of the brain to perform its functions. Depending on how long it takes to restore cerebral circulation, the lesions may be minor or serious.

Types of stroke

There are two types of stroke. The first is familiar as a cerebral infarction and is caused by a blockage of blood flow in the artery, which leads to a decrease in blood flow in one part of the organ. While the second, hemorrhage or stroke, occurs when the artery ruptures.

Symptoms of a Stroke

Sometimes, before the incident, we can identify the warning symptoms, although their duration is usually minimal. Suddenly, there may be loss of vision in one eye; very severe headache and lack of a visible cause; it is difficult to speak and understand others; the disappearance of sensitivity; tingling sensation; disorientation; problems with mobility of the limbs; or loss of strength in the middle of the body, from the face to the legs. Before any of these symptoms appear, more or less, you should go to the hospital immediately.

Risk factors

There are also risk factors that must be taken into account in order to prevent and reduce the risk of stroke. Among the aspects that we must control we find: a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, diabetes mellitus, an increase in the normal amount of cholesterol in the blood, high blood pressure, heart disease and the consumption of alcohol, tobacco or drugs, with regard to prevention, it is always important. But, above all, for 45 years.

How to reduce this risk?

The likelihood of a stroke may decrease if we lead a healthy lifestyle. This is if our diet is correct and low in fat. In addition, it should be accompanied by physical exercises that are performed regularly. Following this line, you will have to quit smoking and skip alcohol consumption. In parallel, it is important to monitor blood sugar and cholesterol levels and adapt to them in relation to food.