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Appetizing and very aromatic tincture, made on the basis of rose hips, is considered one of the most effective and completely natural method used to strengthen the immunity. With its record high vitamin C content, it effectively manages more than one infection and improves the condition of the entire body. Often it is also used for gastrointestinal, hepatic, renal or peptic ulcer diseases. How to prepare the rose tincture of rose petals?

Rose hip: a few words about the plant

The wild rose blends perfectly with the urban and provincial landscape. You can admire them both in city squares and in parks or gardens. But not only. Wild bushes are also easily found in forests and wasteland. Gardening lovers appreciate the wild rose above all for its impressive appearance and low care requirements. Natural medicine and cosmetics, in turn, benefit from its value for health, nutrition and care. And seductively fragrant petals of roses and their fruits are edible. It is better to collect in August and, of course, only in places that are not contaminated with harmful substances.

Rose hip: What is useful?

The dog rose was once used to treat rabies. Nowadays, like our grandmothers, we use the tincture based on its fruits most often when we have a cold or the flu. But we also take advantage of the wild rose to support the treatment of other diseases such as kidney stones, gallstone disease, gastric ulcer and duodenum. It also exhibits hematologic activity and thus prevents anemia, has anti-inflammatory properties and strengthens the heart, has beneficial effects on the digestive system and is useful in cases of colds, including diarrhea. It is also worth mentioning that the dog rose is our ally in the fight against signs of aging and helps remove free radicals from the body and helps to get rid of the problem associated with capillary rupture.

How to prepare rose hip tincture?

According to some reports, the tincture made on the basis of rose hips has a much deeper and nobler taste, but for this purpose the fruits are most often used. Of course, they should always be collected away from roads. Then you need to thoroughly rinse and puncture with a toothpick or a pin to get rid of excess juice. To make the tincture more noble, the rose hips must be frozen for two to three days in a freezer.

Ingredients needed for tincture:

  •  1 kg of rose hips
  •  0.75 liters of alcohol
  •  0,5 l of vodka
  •  several carnations
  •  a pinch of dried chamomile
  •  0,5 l of water
  •  0,5 l of honey

Method of preparation of tincture

Rose hips should first be filled with alcohol, add a few carnations and a pinch of chamomile, and then set aside for five weeks. Shake the jar every few days. After the required time, the contents of the jar should be drained, and in the juice add warm water in combination with honey and vodka. The proportions used allow you to get a not very strong drink, which is ideally suited as a medicinal product used for therapeutic and health purposes. This will help, among other things, get rid of persistent infections and the flu. It should be added that the tincture requires a minimum of two months of exposure in a cool place, for example, in the pantry or basement.

How to prepare a tincture of rose petals?

  •  Minimum 100 flowers of wild rose on 500-600 petals
  •  A glass of sugar
  •  Half a liter of vodka
  •  Some lemon juices

Method of preparation:

Rose hip petals are torn to pieces, put in a pan, filled with sugar, like jam, for at least 30 minutes. Then transfer the contents of the pan to a large jar, then add the lemon juice and pour over all the vodka. Then set aside in a cool place for three months. After a quarter, thoroughly rinse the contents of the jar through the gauze into glass bottles. The latter should be kept in a cool place for at least a month. The resulting drink has a delicate taste and a beautiful pink color. Just like the tincture obtained from the rose hips, it is great for tasting and for medicinal purposes.