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All diets and attempts to lose weight are extremely difficult due to the constant feeling of hunger. Reducing the calorie content of dishes is associated with a lack of energy, apathy and even headaches and a bad mood. Fortunately, some foods not only suppress appetite, but also add energy, speed up metabolism and stimulate the release of endorphins. How can you avoid hunger while losing weight? How can you feel fuller after eating longer?

 High fiber foods

Dietary fibers naturally suppress appetite – all because they regulate and slow down the absorption of sugars into the body. This means that there are no sudden jumps in blood glucose levels that stimulate the body to continuously eat. Fiber-rich foods also increase satiety after eating, while at the same time speeding up metabolism. Therefore, they are the best support for losing weight. Most fiber is found in whole grain bread, oatmeal, bran, whole grain pasta, and cereal. Vegetables are also a valuable source of fiber.

 Eggs and cottage cheese

Eggs and cottage cheese should be a regular feature of the daily menu. They incredibly saturate and provide almost all the necessary nutrients. Studies have shown that people who eat eggs for breakfast during the day consume 300 calories less than those who choose other foods.


Bean vegetables contain a large amount of healthy protein, thanks to which they not only retain a longer feeling of satiety, but also accelerate the metabolism. Therefore, it is worth adding a small amount of beans, chickpeas, peas or lentils to your dishes. Appetite is also suppressed by red beets because it improves bowel function and regulates blood sugar. Nutritionists say that eating vegetable juices before meals makes us eat much less without feeling hungry.


Appetite-reducing fruits include apples and avocados. The former contain a large amount of fiber and pectin, thanks to which we feel that the stomach is full. Apples also regulate blood sugar and improve bowel function. Avocado, in turn, is a high-calorie, but healthy and extremely rich snack. Eating even half of this fruit (for example, in a salad) satisfies hunger for up to several hours. And besides, it provides the body with valuable unsaturated fatty acids that strengthen the heart.


Nuts and almonds are an ideal substitute for unhealthy snacks. Studies by scientists have confirmed that people who ate a serving of almonds every day are easier to lose weight or maintain weight. Nuts, despite the high calorie content, positively affect the figure, as they suppress appetite and give a feeling of satiety for a long time. Thanks to them, it is much easier to refuse salty snacks.

Herbs that Suppress Appetite

Between meals, you should drink infusions of herbs that suppress appetite. Flax seeds will be excellent, they instantly swell in the stomach and protect from hunger for a long time (in addition, they have a sensational effect on the stomach and intestines). Flax seed can also be added to dishes, such as salads or oatmeal. Psyllium seeds (lower cholesterol and sugar) and high in fiber are also beneficial. Appetite is also effectively suppressed by dandelion infusions. In turn, an irresistible desire to eat something sweet will help overcome white mulberry and algae.