What products can we find it in?

We are pleased to use oil in our daily diet. We need this to prepare many dishes. Likewise, we fry pancakes on it, bake meat and add to salads. Many of us have also heard about the beneficial effects of olive or sunflower oil. There are many myths growing around vegetable fats. This also applies to palm oil. Who to believe, supporters or opponents? Is palm oil harmful? Let’s find out.

What is palm oil?

Palm oil is a vegetable fat derived from seeds and pulp of Guinean vegetable oil. Widely used in Asian and African cuisine. It contains a number of healthy substances, including valuable vitamins E, A and K. In addition, we can find squalene, which is an antioxidant. Researchers claim that it delays the aging of the body and protects against cancer and other dangerous civilizational diseases. Unfortunately, in the food industry, manufacturers use an improved version of palm oil. In this process, it strengthens and loses valuable nutrients.

Why is refined oil used?

Refined cured palm oil has nothing to do with healthy fat, which can be used in the culinary arts. The task is to reduce the cost of production, to make it cheaper and more durable. Huge plantations are created to produce palm oil. Unfortunately, they were created at the expense of a very valuable exotic stand, and the natural tropical forest was irretrievably destroyed. This leads to the extinction of many species, and endangered animals lack shelter. It turns out that palm oil created in this way is very harmful; because it contains hazardous fats

Palm oil harm

Why is palm oil harmful? This is thanks to the trans fats mentioned above. They cause very dangerous diseases. It is proved that their consumption significantly increases the level of cholesterol in the body and contributes to atherosclerosis. Hence, this is a step towards very serious complications: heart disease and circulatory problems. In addition, fat intake leads to obesity, which affects an increasingly younger generation. Scientists recommend limiting foods that contain trans fats. However, this is not an easy task, since palm oil is widely used in the food industry.

Where can I find palm oil?

It turns out palm oil is an additive to many foods. In addition to oils and margarine s, it is usually found in sweets; among others in popular chocolate creams. If you like these types of treats, be careful. The moment of pleasure associated with the use of delicious sandwiches in the long term can be dangerous to health. Let’s remember that such foods contain a huge amount of sugar, which means that we are gaining weight quickly.

Sweets under special supervision

You rarely meet someone who does not like ice cream, a very sweet moment of respite in hot weather. Therefore, it is not surprising that they are so popular among children and adults. What can we find in ice cream? Among other things, cream, milk and – unfortunately – palm oil. Adding this to a cold dessert makes them get a smooth, creamy consistency. Of course, other foods, such as chocolate and chocolate bars, also contain the infamous butter. Due to this, they are cheap and have a long shelf life. What does this mean for us? Not only the sugar they contain is harmful, but also dangerous fats. It is worth maintaining moderation; carefully read the labels and choose those that have not been used in the preparation of many, often very harmful, additives.

Not just sweets

Palm oil is not only found in snacks and sweets. We can also find in bread. Of course, not in everyone, but in serial. It’s all about prepackaged toasted bread, ready-made burgers and hot dogs. Adding it to these products, you get a product with a long shelf life, and after opening the packaging, we are sure that we have fresh baked goods in our hands. Let’s not be deceived by such procedures. And you will definitely be much healthier.