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Sugar is a real addiction and the cause of the most common diseases of our civilization. When we eat sweets, our body begins to release the hormones of happiness, and we feel a surge of strength. It is not surprising that sugar is addictive – American scientists have confirmed this for a long time. And, like any addiction, it is difficult to overcome. However, it is worth it – in a few weeks we will feel better, the condition of our skin will improve, and the shape will become slimmer. See for yourself how to reduce your appetite for sweets.

Instead of choosing everything or nothing and changing it radically, set a goal for yourself. Limit the sugar content in foods that will be easier to give up, for example, give up sugar and coffee, exclude sugary drinks and buns. Instead of breakfast and dinner, consisting of carbohydrates (pancakes, fruit pies), try to prepare full meals based on dark bread, vegetables and low-fat dairy products. Eating balanced, regular meals (every 3–4 hours), after a few days, the appetite for sweets is reduced, including by limiting sudden spikes in blood glucose.

How to cheat taste buds

If you already want sweets, try to fool the body. Eat a serving of fruit with yogurt and add sweet spices, such as cinnamon, ginger, or some honey. However, consider this as a wholesome meal, not an extra snack.
Doctors and nutritionists emphasize that a portion of sweets once a week will not do us any harm (of course, if we are healthy and do not fight obesity). However, it is worth knowing that sweets from the store contain addictive substances. Therefore, it is best to cook a small pie or homemade dessert. After a few weeks, the body will no longer desire sweets.

Drink herbal infusions

Most people have a sweet appetite after lunch or dinner. And then we can help herbs that regulate blood glucose and suppress appetite. These are our best allies in the fight against obesity and overweight. White silk tea will work fine – it will slow down the breakdown of complex carbohydrates, which prevents rapid glucose emissions and fat deposition. Fenugreek, juniper fruit have similar effects. These herbs are best used interchangeably every day.

To live an active lifestyle

Activity makes us release the hormones of happiness, we have more energy and at the same time the body does not ask for sweets. The truth is that when we move a lot, we forget about food. And lying on the couch and miss, there is always a rush to eat.
Do not keep home sweet
Stocks, storage of cookies, chocolates or chocolate at home always ends poorly. Sooner or later you break your schedule, in addition to the necessary complex carbohydrates, you will eat sweets. And this is an easy way to get back to the starting point.