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For some, this is a staple food, for others it’s just a source of carbohydrates. Although opinions are divided, it is unlikely that anyone will pass by the bakery. It tastes fresh with a crisp and delicate aroma. In order for bread to retain its properties as long as possible, it should be properly stored. What to do with stale bread?

Bread storage

Bread baked on natural ingredients (sourdough) remains fresh even for several days. It does not break, does not grow moldy and does not become hard. However, whatever type of bread you choose, it should be stored correctly. Special containers, the so-called satchels, will be best. It is worth choosing wood, because, unlike plastic, it provides sufficient air circulation.

Under what conditions should bread be stored?

Bread should be stored at room temperature (about 23 degrees Celsius). Remember that bread should not be packed in plastic bags, as this contributes to the formation of moisture. Another mistake is to put bread in the refrigerator; This is an easy way to spoil bread quickly because it stains faster at low temperatures.

What to do with excess bread?

Sometimes we buy too much bread, and we do not have the ability to store it. To prevent its damage, it is worth freezing it, it is best to freeze it in plastic containers. It used to be good to divide the bread into portions, for example, cut it into quarters or cut into larger pieces. Small pieces of bread thaw faster.

Proper defrosting of bread

It would seem that thawing bread does not cause serious problems. Unfortunately, we are in a hurry to make mistakes, which makes bread unfit for consumption. How should this be done? Slices or particles removed from the freezer should first be left for 30 minutes at room temperature and then placed in a preheated oven for several minutes to get a crisp. Putting frozen bread in a hot oven will make its center cold and the top layer warm.

Hard bread

If we forget to put bread in a satchel or bag, after a few hours it will become hard as a stone. Fortunately, not everything is lost, because such bread can be instantly refreshed. What do you have to do? Just soak in a small amount of water or milk and place in a preheated oven for 180 minutes.
Do not discard dry bread slices. You can easily make crumbs out of them. Just grind the bread in a food processor or grinder.