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The practice of winter sports is associated with the loss of a large amount of energy, possible injuries, as well as the risk of cooling the body and diseases. Nevertheless, especially when we do not grow them professionally and regularly, but we ski for relaxation for several days a year. Sudden changes in the air and lifestyle do not always have a positive effect on our body. If we do not prepare it properly for several days of physical effort in the cold air, we may get injuries, illnesses. We advise that you need to remember that the ski trip does not end in disaster and leave good memories, a healthy body and a slim figure.

Improve your condition

Skiing requires a lot of effort, but also skills. If we do not exercise regularly and do not exercise every day, this does not relieve pain and injury while skiing. How to prevent this? About three weeks before your planned vacation, you should begin to strengthen those parts of the body that will be exposed to stress when skiing. We are talking mainly about the legs (especially the hips and calves), which best enhance the running, swimming and exercise on the appropriate equipment in the gym.

Strengthening the body’s immunity

The effect of a daily stay on a slope for several hours can be a cause of hypothermia and, as a result, a cold or a more serious illness. This can be prevented. How? Firstly, strengthening immunity before skiing, and secondly, warmly dressing. Vitamin D gives us immunity, which is best provided to the body in its natural form. Its rich sources include eggs, dairy products, vegetable oils, and liver. It is worth including them in your diet.


Physical effort leads to a loss of the nutritional value of our body. This is why people who exercise regularly should use a diet to help supplement them. What should be included in such a menu? First, fruits and vegetables, which are a source of vitamins and minerals. In addition, it is worth consuming foods rich in protein and fiber. Lean meat and fish would also be a good choice. Aside, we set aside the so-called empty calories or popular sweets and sugary sodas. It is also worth remembering hydration – at least eight glasses of water per day. This diet is best used before skiing, so that the body gets used to it.

Regular sleep

To properly prepare the body for physical activity, you need regular sleep. As you know, it is during sleep that we regenerate best. You need to sleep regularly and long enough, both before and during the holidays. Our condition will be better, health will be better, and the rest will be even more pleasant!