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Many people want to stock up on food. Thanks to this, we can limit purchases without leaving our home to the minimum necessary. Unfortunately, this often results in spoilage of food and food waste, especially after holidays or family events. How to extend the freshness of food? Learn the tricks that will make fruits, sausages, and cottage cheese slower, and preserve their taste and aroma.

How to prolong fruit freshness?

Apples are one of the fruits that is more resistant to rot. Just give them a cool place (like a basement). It is also important to isolate fruits that are beginning to break down because they can infect other fruits. After slicing, the apples also begin to oxidize and darken. To prevent this, put half an apple in lemon juice. Bananas are much more problematic – they ripen quickly and turn brown. To slow this process, the upper end of the fetus (the one that is in contact) is enough to wrap it tightly with a sticky film. The bananas will be fresh and yellow much longer. Strawberries are also prone to rapid spoilage. Therefore, they should be sprayed with a mixture of water and vinegar (10: 1 ratio) and then dried with a paper towel.

How to extend the freshness of bread?

It is best to freeze extra bread immediately. This is the easiest and most effective way – after defrosting, the bread or buns will be as fresh as the day of purchase.

How to extend the freshness of mushrooms?

Fresh mushrooms begin to deteriorate in a few days. To prevent this, do not wash them, but carefully dry them in a paper bag and refrigerate. Thanks to this, we will continue to consume them for several days.

How to prolong the freshness of herbs?

The stems of the cut grass should be immersed in a small container of water and then refrigerated (except for basil and mint, which prefers room temperature). Another way is to pour the greens with vinegar and refrigerate. Subsequently, they will be the perfect complement to salads and many dishes. Freezing herbs is also a practical method.

How to protect flour and bulk products?

Flour, cereals or rice are long-lasting products. Unfortunately, butterflies and other insects like to nest in them, the larvae of which can already be brought in packing from the store. That is why bulk products should be placed in the freezer every day and then poured into a plastic or glass sealed container.

How to keep the cheese fresh?

If you buy more cheese, you have to choose the uncut product. Due to this, it does not dry very quickly. It is also important to properly secure it – a reasonable technique – to spread a piece of cheese with a little fresh oil and then place it in the refrigerator in a sealed container.

How to continue the freshness of cured meats?

Sliced meat loses its freshness quickly, becomes dry and unappetizing. Fortunately, we can easily extend their taste and aroma for much longer. Between slices of sausage, just put clean and dry lettuce and place everything in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

How do you store your food in the fridge?

The basis for expanding the freshness of food is their skillful storage in the refrigerator. The top shelf should contain jam and cakes. The middle part of the refrigerator is intended for dairy and cooked meals. In turn, it is best to store meat, fish and other perishables on the lowest shelves. Fruits and vegetables should be placed in boxes. Don’t put vegetables, such as tomatoes or potatoes, in the fridge – they become tasteless and rot faster.