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As you get older, your body undergoes changes that are sometimes difficult to understand. The eyes are one of the first organs affected by the aging period. But what exactly are vitreous eyes? They are also called flying flies. They are described as dark spots that move inside the eye. These spots are the result of the accumulation of different substances and have varying degrees of transparency, density and thickness in the vitreous of the eye. You can see them reading a book, driving a car, or working on a computer for long hours. Grain can be surgically removed, but it is a big risk. There is no certainty that the operation will be successful. Although they may not be completely eliminated, you can try to combat the annoyance caused by flying bats. Here they are.

Gentle massage

Gentle temple massage is a great remedy for dirt in the eyes. Put the cloth with moist warm water on your eyes. Gently massage the temples through the fabric. This helps reduce stress and prevents more turbidity.

Focus of view

Focus your eyes on a particular object and relax your eyes. For example, your object could be a pencil or a coin. Train your vision by focusing on the subject. Now slowly pull the object on you and slide it 15 face to face. Hold the moment and push it away on behalf. Repeat this process several times a day.

Practice yoga

Often, eye to eye is associated with stress. Yoga is the best way to relieve stress. The practice of yoga calms the body and mind, which in turn relaxes the eyes and eases the ailments associated with blurred eyes.

Drink plenty of water

Sometimes dirt accumulates through toxins in your body. One of the best ways is to drink more water. When the body is free of toxins, the likelihood of blurred eyes decreases.


Consuming blueberries is another great way to prevent vitreous floats. Bilberry is a rich source of antioxidants and strengthens the tissues of the eye. It can certainly help improve eye function. Blueberries can be eaten raw, as well as in juices and jams.


Taurine is a substance that is mainly found in seafood, such as mussels and shrimp. This substance is considered an excellent tool for improving vision. Eating taurine-rich foods improves vision and reduces the likelihood of blurred vision.

Ginkgo Biloba

This herb is known to effectively increase blood flow. Ginkgo is mainly used by patients with glaucoma. Therefore, it is believed that it is capable of preventing and avoiding serious eye diseases such as glaucoma and vitreous scum.