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Lungs are exposed to hazards daily. The most dangerous are viruses and bacteria that attack them, causing infections and diseases, as well as toxic compounds in the air, such as gases or dust. Allergens are still on the list. A healthy respiratory system itself copes with most pollutants, but if there are too many of them, we become more susceptible to diseases, and not only the lungs, but also other important organs, such as the brain or heart, are at risk. That’s why it’s sometimes worth cleaning your lungs. Then it’s easier to deal with pathogens. Let’s find out.

Who should cleanse the lungs?

It would seem that smokers have the biggest problem with the lungs. They inhale thousands of pitches every day, which seriously damage internal organs and cause cancer. Unfortunately, even addiction-free people are exposed to poisons in the air. Smoke from the pipes and a huge amount of exhaust gases cause smog – children and the elderly are most exposed to it. Even a healthy person in a polluted environment will sooner or later feel its effects, so you should take care of your lungs and turn to proven means.


Black tea is the most popular. It is worth changing your habits and more often brewing green or white tea. In addition to the unusual taste, they are characterized by a high content of antioxidants: catching and Polyphemus. They play an extremely important role in detoxifying the body and protect the body’s cells from excessive aging. There are many benefits to drinking tea: it refreshes, moisturizes and adds the necessary energy. Then contained in it, like caffeine, has a stimulating effect.

Mint and Eucalyptus

For effective lung cleaning, you should turn to proven plants. Peppermint has a unique effect. Although menthol, better known as a remedy for digestive problems, significantly improves lung function. In addition, it relaxes muscles, reduces the mucous membrane, and makes breathing easier. Its antioxidant properties are also invaluable. Eucalyptus has similar effects. The cineol contained in it moisturizes the lungs and increases the secretion that cleanses the airways. Due to its antiseptic properties, it also removes viruses and bacteria.

Osh Root

Osh is a plant originating from North America, where its qualities were appreciated by the locals. It was used in rituals, but often helped in folk medicine. The antioxidants contained in the root, such as camphor, phytosterols, terpenes and saponins, not only effectively cleanse the lungs, but also significantly increase their effectiveness. In addition, due to its antibacterial properties, Osh root destroys microorganisms that contribute to the development of upper and lower respiratory tract infections.


Oregano, rosemary and sage herbs are valuable herbs that we are happy to strive for. The antioxidants they contain, such as rosemary and carvacrylic acid, protect against diseases of civilization and kill bacteria, viruses and fungi. In addition, they support the functioning of the lungs and facilitate their cleansing: they constrict the blood vessels of the respiratory system and prevent the secretion of histamine. It is worth adding oregano and rosemary to dishes, as well as drinking brew made from them. You must be careful with herbs. Although great for inhalation, excessive infusions can be very harmful.