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Can’t leave your job even after coming home? An expert on the prevention of work stress told how certain habits help to get rid of work duties and really relax.

“People these days have big problems with mental suspensions. The reason may be emails that come day and night, as well as instructions from bosses or colleagues. The pressure is always huge. That is why it is so important to be able to distract from work so that the brain can rest and be ready to work well the next day, “say experts on work stress and its prevention.

“Rest is key because even if you think about work at home, your head doesn’t rest, and it’s even harder to get rid of those thoughts,” the experts add. Sensory stimulation is key to a clear head.

Balance between personal life and work

“Think about what lighting you have at work, what drinks you drink, what clothes you wear or what flavors you surround yourself with. Change everything when you return home, “experts advise.

The same can be said for those who work from home. Set aside special clothes for work, smell the way you always went to work, brew coffee or maybe mint tea that has a stimulating effect, and turn on the lights.

Once you’re done, change into homemade clothes, dim the lights and brew yourself, such as lavender or chamomile tea, which will calm your mind. Thanks to these small rituals, the brain understands that it is no longer at work, but on the contrary, it is time to rest.

Also remember that the brain acts like a muscle to some extent, so it needs to be trained to get used to it. So don’t give up hope after a few days when you can’t leave your job. You will see that over time, your head will get used to and adjust with touch sensors to rest, which will make your work more efficient, and you will also fall asleep better.