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Yoga is the key to a better and healthy life. Both women and men can benefit from this health and spiritual development. Studies conducted in various places around the world also show that the average life expectancy of people practicing yoga is higher than in non-practitioners. Yoga purifies the body and mind, allowing you to live a long and happy life. As for women, yoga also helps to prepare for pregnancy, relieves pain and helps to quickly recover from childbirth. Below you will find a complete list of benefits and benefits of practicing yoga.

Yoga affects the body:

Blood Pressure: Regular yoga practice lowers blood pressure and keeps it at a normal level by improving the blood flow and oxygenation of the body.

Pain: People who practice yoga have a higher tolerance for pain. In addition, yoga significantly reduces or even eliminates various back pain, chronic pain, pain in the neck, etc.

Chronic diseases: Yoga prevents and eliminates various chronic diseases of women and men.

Cardiovascular diseases: Practicing yoga soothes the body, which will experience less stress. Less stress combined with a decrease in pressure protects us from cardiovascular diseases. Improving blood circulation and increased fat burning with exercise (asan) reduces cholesterol.

Alzheimer’s Disease: Yoga increases the level of GABA (aminobutyric acid). Low levels of GABA cause Alzheimer’s disease.

Diabetes: Yoga stimulates insulin production and lowers blood glucose, which is recommended for diabetics.

Gastrointestinal diseases: Practicing yoga improves the digestive system.

Metabolism: Yoga speeds up metabolism, reduces appetite, helping to control weight.

Yoga affects the mind:

Stress reduction: This applies in particular to women, who are generally less resistant to stress than men. More and more doctors are recommending their patients to do yoga, because it improves concentration and helps to focus and increases resistance to stress.

 Anxiety and Depression: Yoga teaches breathing correctly, which helps to significantly reduce anxiety and reduce negative feelings and thoughts that usually cause depression.

Anger: Practiced by yoga is one of the best ways to reduce and control anger. Regular exercise allows you to get rid of stress and feel happy.

Concentration: for a short time, yoga increases concentration. The ability to concentrate gives you the opportunity to achieve the best results in your personal and professional life.

Memory Yoga stimulates blood circulation, especially in the brain, which leads to a decrease in stress, improves concentration and this, in turn, affects the best memory.

The spiritual benefits of yoga:

Spiritual Link: Yoga helps to create a link between body, mind, and spirit.

Inner world: Practiced yoga is the only known way to quickly and better achieve inner peace. Inner peace helps in many aspects of life, including making effective decisions, even in difficult situations.

Purpose of life: Yoga is a simple exercise method that has many mental and physical benefits and also allows us to achieve inner peace. It helps to find a goal in life and lead a healthy lifestyle and live a long and happy life.