Improve the tsi and maximize its advantage for health, carrying out these five exercises chi kung for beginners.

What is chi kung?

Before passing chi kung to the list of exercises, let’s decide on the term. Let’s answer also a difference between chi kung and melt-chi.

And chi kung, also melt-chi – it, is ancient Chinese exercises. They are dated more than 1500 years ago.

They can also be forms of martial arts, though they are not intended for conducting a fight. First, they deal with the vital component: tsi.

Qi is the force of vital energy. It is an invisible “liquid” or “river” which flows on a body, providing it vital force.

When the body is ill, people believe that there is an imbalance tsi or something blocks it. One of main objectives’ tai chi and chi kung – to promote its correct current.

However, they have subtle differences. For example, the tai chi is denser chi kung.

The last also has dozens of the forms of styles:

  • Chi kung meditation
  • Medical chi kung or medical chi kung at which the master chi kung gives energy to the patient.
  • Sedentary chi kung
  • Chi kung of the yogi
  • Chi kung massage

Actually, for many melt-chi – it is a kind of training chi kung. Irrespective of their distinctions or similarity, one is clear: they have many advantages to health.

3 advantages for health of exercises chi kung

3 advantages for health of exercises chi kung

Performance of exercises chi kung can improve your health as follows:

  1. The improved immune system.

If you felt more painfully, than earlier, perhaps, you need easy exercises. The research of 2003 showed that even the training session chi kung can already strengthen your immune system.

More precisely, it can increase monocytes and lymphocytes. These are types of leukocytes.

Monocytes help to fight against cancer cells and some types of infections. Lymphocytes come from the marrow and perform a set of functions:

  • To kill cancer cells and antigens
  • To suppress the immune system to avoid an autoimmune disease
  • Support other leukocytes

What is the autoimmune disease? This disease arising at an overload of the immune system. He considers healthy body or fabric as threat and attacks them.

  1. Decrease in uneasiness and depression.

Exercises in chi kung can also reduce symptoms of alarm and a depression, especially at chronic patients. It is the result of the metaanalysis of 2013 in Evidential additional and alternative medicine.

The possible reason is in how it works with deep breath and meditation. Actually, in chi kung each action depends on your breath.

The research of 2017 showed that this type of breath, sometimes called diafragmalny breath can influence cortisol level. Cortisol is a hormone of a stress which can increase the heart rate and arterial blood pressure.

  1. Anesthesia.

As melt-chi, and exercises, chi kung can be excellent for those who suffer from pain, especially joint or back pains. It exercises with small impact load, therefore risks of injuries are minimum.

Meanwhile, they help to train joints to avoid exhaustion. It explains why they can be possible additions to physical therapy.

Exercises of chi kung for stress relief and improvement of your health and wellbeing

These exercises of chi kung is ideal for beginners, but they do not represent all styles. If you want to improve the form or a bearing, you can always visit lessons of chi kung online or offline.

Nevertheless, it is excellent exercises for those who study chi kung for beginners:

  1. Breath

In exercises chi kung breath is important. You have two options: Buddha or Daos.

  • In Taoist breath, you gather so much air how many you can, at the same time reducing press muscles. On an exhalation, you relax lungs and an upper body.
  • At Buddha’s breath, you fill a stomach with air, expanding it on a breath. On an exhalation, reduce press muscles.

Carrying out breathing exercise, carry out the following:

  • Get up directly, having placed legs. Relax knees and the rest of a body, but tighten a chin.
  • Open palms in the parties. On a breath, raise palms and turn them.
  • Lower them and lower knees.
  • Make it three times.
  1. Chi kung of a willow tree

It will serve as your warm-up, and you can do it not less than five minutes. This simple shaking movement through a waist.

  • Accept a starting position of Taoist breathing exercise.
  • Bend legs in knees and put hands sideways.
  • Turn a waist from left to right. Soften hands and allow them to move freely at rotation.
  • While you do it, clean the mind from negative thoughts and invite in the life peace.
  • Between turns, take deep breaths.
  1. Opening of gate of energy

It is one of exercises chi kung which can bring benefit to people with respiratory diseases. They can include asthma and an allergy to the environment.

  • Accept a starting position from Taoist breath and chi kung of a willow tree.
  • Cramp palms to the center, the person to each other. Raise them to breast level.
  • Slowly make a deep breath, moving hands aside.
  • On an exhalation, cramp palms together again, slightly bending legs in knees.
  1. Stir up or jump up

If you suffer from a trauma, perhaps, you feel anger, a depression, concern and a stress. You can use one of the exercises chi kung called stirring or a rebound to reduce these negative emotions.

  • Accept the same starting position, as in the exercises given above.
  • Raise heels up and make a deep breath. While you do it, imagine all “disorder” in the life of which you want to get rid.
  • Strongly, lower heels on the earth and exhale. Doing it, visualize that you release all these constrained emotions.
  • Begin to shiver, having relaxed knees and moving a body up and down. Allow your hands and hands to move freely.
  • Do not forget to take deep breaths in breaks.
  1. To get onto a horse and to draw the bow.

It is one of the most difficult exercises chi kung for beginners as it includes a set of movements. However, you will never be able to progress if you do not learn something difficult, truly?

It will help to move more joints and will increase a blood-groove. By the end of one of this exercise, you have to be more vigorous or more active.

  • Accept the same starting position, as in the exercises given above.
  • Take a step to the right in a wide rack. Circle both hands until they reach the top. Inhale at the same time.
  • As soon as they appear above, squeeze palms in fists. Move them on the right side as though you are ready to blow, and exhale.
  • Take away the left-hand back until it seems as though it just about will release an arrow. Breath.
  • Lower hands and exhale.
  • Repeat process on the other hand.

Exercises chi kung – excellent addition to your healthy lifestyle, for example, the use of alkalinizing greens. Both perfectly is suitable for morning snack.

They can awaken your body and reason, to improve concentration of attention and to reduce stress level. Thus, you will be more ready to cope with problems of the day.