Traveling by plane is often associated with great emotions – many people are afraid to fly, for others this is the beginning of an exciting journey and the opportunity to be in a completely different place in just a few hours. The less often someone uses air transport, the more stress they experience. Emotions mean that sometimes we do not control our behavior. We advise that under no circumstances should it be done at the airport or on the plane.

Dangerous jokes

Strong emotions associated with the flight, an attempt to relieve tension, and sometimes in the company of friends, make some people play a joke. Loud conversations “This plane will fall, and we all die,” is absolutely not welcome at the airport, much less on board. Anyone who laughs at us can scare us and cause panic. Airport staff are entitled to ask from the airport. The same applies to baggage jokes. Jokes about explosives in a huge suitcase can cause a detailed inspection and even a fine. During the flight, this can even lead to an emergency landing with subsequent legal sanctions.

Aggressive behavior

Any aggressive behavior towards passengers or crew members may lead to an immediate emergency landing and escort by the police. At stake is not only the use of violence (jokes on other people or a fight), but also verbal aggression: insulting others or inciting to attack. Increased viewing of pornography
Inappropriate clothing and lack of hygiene

The airport service has the right to prevent people with inappropriate clothing on board the aircraft. Too (huge neckline, naked stomach, too short skirt or shorts). This applies to both women and men. Clothing with vulgar inscriptions or drawings is also unacceptable. People in dirty and smelly clothes are also not allowed on board. Due to the very unpleasant smell of a person, a plane can even turn back towards the airport in order to drop such a passenger off the deck. The only exception may be that the unpleasant odor is caused by someone else’s illness or disability. It is also forbidden to bring baggage with a disgusting smell – for example, durian or surstremmming – a Swedish delicacy of fermented herring.

Alcohol and Cigarettes

The consumption of alcohol on board is usually not prohibited, wine or vodka is often served by staff. However, drinking is prohibited, and if alcohol leads to aggressive behavior, the plane may crash. Smoking is prohibited on the plane (toilets are equipped with smoke detectors).

Failure to comply with crew instructions

The crew’s task is to take care of our safety, so ignoring requests and cabin crew commands may end badly for us. One of the passengers was forced to leave the plane after refusing to turn off the laptop during take-off. A common cause of quarrels with the crew is also not fastening seat belts, using the toilet during turbulence, and also blocking baggage with an emergency exit.

However, it’s worth considering, because inappropriate behavior or a funny joke can lead to a fine or a ban on the use of this airline.