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Premature ejaculation is a problem for many men. However, don’t worry, there are a number of different solutions that will help men deal with their problem. To this end, this article has been created.

How to effectively prevent premature ejaculation?

Probably every man speaks of a nightmare associated with sex, he means premature ejaculation. There is nothing to hide, this is a tragic situation in which they are subjected to great shame. Of course, this is not the only unpleasant scenario that can happen to them during intercourse, but it is the most memorable, especially for women.

Women appreciate quality sex. Currently, they have become so independent and demanding that, unfortunately, they will not waste time on short-distance runners. In a situation where they have not even been kindled, and their partners have already arrived, they feel disgust. They perceive the man as extremely inexperienced.

To some extent, they may be right, very often premature ejaculation occurs due to lack of experience, that is, due to too quick arousal or because of too long a break in sexual activity among gentlemen. Regardless of the reason, none of the above options will make such men attractive to women.

This is because women love to meet in bed. If they meet guys who cannot guarantee this, they will seek satisfaction elsewhere. Thus, premature ejaculation not only causes shame in men, but also contributes to the destruction of their relationship and leads to a significant deterioration in their well-being, which ultimately can even lead to depression.

What causes premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is a sexual disorder that affects many men. In practice, this means that ejaculation occurs earlier than men would like (before the insertion of the penis). This situation prevents anyone in the couple from enjoying sex.

There are several varieties of premature ejaculation that distinguishes modern medicine.
The worst of them is ejaculation, which occurs in men just before caressing with a partner or at the very beginning … Unfortunately, a huge number of men experience this. Another premature ejaculation can occur when the penis enters the vagina or immediately before sex.

In practice, there is not much difference between the second or third type of ejaculation. Each of them ends with a valve. The ladies are excited enough to start intercourse, while the men have already finished them. This is a huge shame for men and a huge disappointment for women.

Modern studies show that the most common cause of its occurrence is mental factors. You can talk about them when men experience very high stress: they have many problems in their minds, and they cannot concentrate correctly.

In addition, relationship problems are a very common cause of premature ejaculation. If a couple argues and a negative atmosphere arises between partners, then there will be no chance of success for sex. Another factor may be any stimulants, such as alcohol, cigarettes or drugs. Also, ending too fast may result from somatic problems caused by diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or hypothyroidism.

This sounds like a real nightmare, because there are many factors that can cause a bad sex life for men. However, they should not break, because there are so many factors, how many ways to solve them!

Currently, modern medicine offers a number of different solutions that not only help men cope with premature ejaculation, but also help improve their sexual experience. However, not all of them work this way. Most products are pharmaceutical inventions which, if used improperly, can lead to a number of very unpleasant consequences.

First, they should focus on the safest option – over-the-counter tablets for premature ejaculation. They are a real hit in the market because their composition is based only on natural herbal mixtures.

What does this mean in practice?

The fact is that these pills do not have side effects and are absolutely safe for health. Moreover, the herbs contained in them will not only increase the ability of men to have sexual intercourse, but will also provide better blood supply to their intimate organs, so that they can get much better sensations during intercourse.

However, there are other ways. But first you need to answer the next question?

Is multiple orgasm possible in men?

This is definitely advisable! But, as it turned out, this is also possible. Unlike women, achieving multiple orgasms by men seems much more difficult.

This is because men equate their orgasm with ejaculation. After him, they are usually satisfied, relaxed, and tired enough not to think that another orgasm is possible.
The truth is that after ejaculation, men can no longer experience orgasm. However, interestingly, they can experience repeated execution without ejaculation!

How can men achieve multiple orgasms without ejaculation?

An orgasm without ejaculation is called a dry orgasm in practice, it consists in controlling your body and mind in such a way that men can delay ejaculation. Which is better, it will lead to even stronger execution. Well, as you can see, orgasm should not be associated with ejaculation!

So how is this possible? This is possible because all the stimuli that cause orgasm start in the male brain, they also occur when ejaculation comes from the genitals. Any muscle contractions that push sperm through the penis and nerve impulses that make men feel pleasure usually occur simultaneously. Hence, the false illusion that they are walking together.

This is the main method that is used to control ejaculation. Thanks to her, every guy can not only control his premature ejaculation, but at the same time he can experience multiple orgasms.

In addition, men may be interested in Kegel muscle exercises, which are very popular. They are the most popular method used to obtain the above effects.

However, you should be aware that if they suffer from any kind of sexual dysfunction, the above exercises will not help them. Therefore, they must first get rid of any dysfunctions, preferably using the already mentioned tablets. Only then should they begin various types of exercises in order to achieve the effect of their dreams.