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Many drivers wonder once every few years which summer rubber to choose. Although the market is saturated with different models and many opportunities, it is easy to get it all wrong. And yet, good tires are the foundation of road safety.

If you don’t know which summer tires to pick, check out our guide. There you will find all the most important information about tires, as well as detailed points that are worth paying attention to. At the same time, some practical tips that will allow you to find the best summer tires possible. Remember that this is a very important purchase, and tires should serve you for several years. Therefore, it is good that the tires are durable and safe.

Identify your tire needs – premium or middle class?

For the tires you buy to perform well, they must match both the car and your driving style. If you prefer fast driving, sport tires are better; if you have a family SUV, it is worth choosing on tires with an asymmetric tread; if you travel many kilometers a year, the premium class is definitely the best. There are many variables like this, so you have to define your own requirements and what you need a machine for on a daily basis.

The car tire market is meaningful with products of different quality and purpose, so you will have no problem finding the right model. Another important issue is the budget. Tires, especially the best, are not the cheapest. So be prepared to spend more by remembering that you are buying your own safety and that of your loved ones. If you already know which summer tires will suit you, check out the manufacturer’s offer. Which? You will learn in the next chapter.

Which tries to choose? From trusted manufacturers

We will not name specific manufacturers, since there is no correct answer to all questions. Before buying, it is best to familiarize yourself with the offer of a particular company, learn about its traditions and the technologies that it uses. The most important thing is to avoid manufacturers who do not provide all information about the production process. Also, those who send their tires from China. In this case, one should focus on quality, and production on the Old Continent or in America is one of its determining factors. Because when you buy tires, you buy a kind of driving safety, look for manufacturers that are recognized and the products are really high quality.

Pay attention to… Tread, speed index, size, etc.

As mentioned, there are many factors to consider when choosing summer tires. If you manage to determine all the following parameters, you will be much closer to picking up the perfect set of tires for you, or rather, your car.


This is known to matter. It is defined by three key values that are written on each bus. If you don’t know exactly what size you need, see what’s printed on the tire you want to replace:

  • the first value in the sequence, e.g., 195 or 205, is the tire tread width in millimeters;
  • the next – for example, 55 or 65 – is the height of the tire. No specific units are specified. This is the percentage of height to width;
  • third (e.g., R16) is the diameter of the rim, expressed in inches.

Tread type

The main division is tires with a symmetrical and asymmetrical tread. The former is aimed primarily at users of small and medium-sized city cars who do not prefer sports driving. The latter – much more technologically sophisticated – should be considered by owners of SUVs or sports cars. The asymmetric tread improves grip, reduces rolling resistance and better diverts water when moving on a wet surface. However, tires with this pattern are more expensive.

Speed index

When choosing a specific tire model, be sure to focus on the speed index. As the name suggests, it determines the maximum speed that can be developed on these buses. In this case, you need to take into account the capabilities of your car and determine which driving style you prefer. Good tires are those that match the car and its characteristics, and at the same time provide comfort.

Load index

If you don’t know which summer tires will be the best, be sure to look at the load index. Its value is also indicated on each tire that entered the market. It determines how many kilograms a tire can withstand when driving at maximum speed. So, the cost has to match the weight of your car. Underestimating the load index can be very dangerous while driving.

Check out the technical innovations (braking distance, water drainage, etc.).

Buying tires is a process worth spending more time on. The capture check, the noise created, all matter. As well as acquaintance with technical innovations that the manufacturer has tried to achieve. Because the industry is invariably spinning, and new tire models appear on the market. After all, they should be different from the previous ones. And they differ, often in many ways.

If you do not know which summer tires to choose, check, for example, the quality of the compound from which they are made. The manufacturer is obliged to provide such information. As well as informing about how the design of this model behaves during sharp braking. Much is also changing in terms of tread design – grooves and slots have a huge impact on grip and water drainage. This includes this information to help you determine which tires are right for you.

Read the reviews and compare to know what to buy

Whether you’re buying mid-range tires, all-season tires or winter tires, they should have good parameters. The manufacturer provides the necessary information, but nothing helps as much as the opinion of other consumers. Check websites using so-called comparison mechanisms, analyze certain parameters, and finally read other drivers’ comments. It is easy to read from them whether this product really deserves your attention. It is worth spending some time and effort on this, because it will eventually pay off – you will buy the “elastic bands” you need.

What summer tires to choose? This is a question that cannot be answered unequivocally, and each driver has to look for it himself, using numerous prompts. They are left by manufacturers, as well as other drivers who share their opinions online. The best summer tires are the ones that meet all your expectations – in terms of appearance, quality and finally price. Of course, you should not buy the cheapest product. Most likely, this will be the worst possible at the same time. The most important thing is to buy tires wisely, paying attention to finding them.