They taste great both alone and in salad … but have you ever wondered if they could be an aphrodisiac? Read the article and find out how FRUIT stimulates our senses!

Foods, aphrodisiacs you will need

  •  fruits: strawberries, pears, bananas, peaches
  •  champagne
  •  additions: nuts, almonds, whipped cream

1. Aphrodisiacs are supposed to awaken our senses and increase the hormones responsible for sex drive. Each of us has already heard of popular pheromones that can work flawlessly … but unfortunately, they are expensive … So how can you improve your intimate relationship with your partner?
2. The fruit has long been on the list of aphrodisiacs. The first is strawberries, which often appear in romantic movie scenes. They are always served with whipped cream and champagne. This aphrodisiac is most commonly used by men because it is supposed to stimulate partners. Often, strawberries and champagne are used to make a special drink by first whipping them with sugar and then pouring over them with the drink.
3. Another aphrodisiac are pears, which also resemble a slightly female figure. The pear is designed to awaken the senses of a person. It tastes great when heated and poured over chocolate. We can also serve it with nuts and almonds.
4. The shape of the bananas, in turn, perfectly matches the taste of women. In addition, they taste great and increase female libido. The best banana treat is, of course, the chocolate baked bananas.
5. Peaches are called the “chest of Venus”, so we assume they should work for men. This is exactly what happens, and besides their wonderful taste, they increase their potency. Whipped cream or canned peaches? I leave this choice to the lovers.