For many years, scientists have tried to prove the connection of some elements of our appearance with character traits. It turns out that our personality can be revealed by the color of our eyes or hair, and even by the shape of our hands (as well as our handwriting). Observing noses can also give us a lot of information. While it seems to us that all people look different, there are actually only seven types of nose in the population, including straight, upturned, concave, and hooked. Find out what type your nose is and what it means.

Nubian nose.

Nubian nose.
The Nubian nose is long and wide at the base, the tip slightly turned downward. This type is the lot of creative, curious and passionate people. Owners of a nose of this shape easily establish relationships with others, have a broad outlook, and have a positive attitude towards life. They can also solve their problems. Sometimes they tend to express their emotions violently.

Greek nose

The Greek nose has a classic straight shape. People with this type of nose are practical, reliable and responsible. They perfectly know how to restrain emotions, they are guided by logical thinking, which helps them get out of trouble. In relationships with other people, they are secretive and rarely talk about feelings, but you can rely on them – they are true.

Raised nose

Піднятий ніс
People with short and slightly upturned noses are optimists, full of energy for life. They are characterized by a great sense of humor and enthusiasm, but also a sense of responsibility for others. They are dream friends – you can always count on them. However, they can sometimes appear smart, impulsive, and nervous.

Eagle nose

The Eagle’s nose has a hook-like shape, and its end is curved in an arc. These people are natural leaders – they are ambitious and great at working with others. They always have their own opinion and are not afraid to express it. They do not care too much about criticism, they like to pursue goals and achieve success, they easily overcome adversity.

Roman nose

The Roman nose is somewhat reminiscent of the Greek, but additionally curved. People with this nose shape have common sense, endurance and the ability to make the right decisions. They are good organizers with an analytical mindset. They have a strong personality, but they don’t tend to rule others. They can encourage them to collaborate with their authority.

Concave nose

A flat, slightly sunken nose is a hallmark of altruists. This type of people thinks primarily of others and can give up their goals for them. They are diligent and you can always rely on them. They are also dreamers who tend to hide emotions and feelings.

Curved nose

People with a curved nose (rounded tip, slightly curved sternum) are open to the world and other people. They are easy to build relationships, loyal friends, and you can always rely on them. They are characterized by straightforwardness, a kind heart and a great sensitivity to human harm.