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Nothing is so refreshing and warming to the relationship, as the search for new sources of charm and excitement. If you are not afraid to experiment with your partner and want a bit of madness, Spanish sex. An erotic game will certainly inflame relationships and enrich partners with new experiences.

What is Spanish sex?

Spanish sex is often called inter-abdominal relationships, not without a reason. The partner places the penis between the breasts of his partner and rubs against them, moving up and down. The woman, in turn, gently squeezes the chest to reduce the distance between them and, thus, increase the pressure on the partner. Such a wonderful form of love will undoubtedly bring pleasure to lovers and breathe freshness into relationships, but on condition that they are accepted by both parties. It is necessary to determine in advance the course of the relationship, and above all, their final one – especially if Spanish sex is new for the couple.

Options for the position “for the Spaniard”

Want to know what position to choose to feel comfortable during Spanish sex? It is worth betting on a classic solution. It is assumed that the woman is lying on her back, and the partner leans over her or kneels over her. He then places the penis between the breasts of his partner and performs rhythmic movements. By accepting this position, a woman becomes a passive voice and can enjoy sexual satisfaction. Much depends on the partner who is supposed to stimulate pleasure, caressing the partner’s nipples, stroking his neck, stomach or neck and all other erogenous zones and causing lust, whispering gentle words to his ear. The woman, in turn, can, although she does not need, to caress the penis with her lips. Of course, provided that this form of closeness suits her, and the dominance that appears in her affects her immensely.

Another variant

Spanish sex also allows for a variant in which a man sits, for example, in an armchair, and a woman stands over him and slightly leans or sits astride his knee. A man should place his penis between the breasts of his partner and make rhythmic movements. A couple in this position can kiss, and a man gently caresses the body of his partner, stimulating the clitoris, perineum and other sensitive areas.

Is breast size important?

Abundant breasts, of course, can facilitate the movements of men performed with the penis, but – contrary to appearance – breast size does not play a greater role in the case of Spanish sex, and the pleasure of this form of communication can attract all couples. It is worth putting on training. To make it easier to position yourself in this position, just try different options, and also firmly squeeze the chest with your hands.

Is it worth entering Spanish sex?

Spanish sex opens up new erotic possibilities and allows for experiments. Simply rubbing a woman’s breasts in the chest has a very stimulating effect on them, not to mention that this position allows them to dominate partners and gives additional, especially fascinating, pleasures in the form of oral caressing a member. Erotic satisfaction from the position of the Spaniard will be given mainly by gentlemen, who cannot be passive and focus only on the feeling of their own pleasure.