There are several factors that prevent us from starting an active life. The daily workout discipline can cost a lot of money, but it brings countless benefits.
Many people find it difficult to start with daily exercise after a long day at work, but physical activity has tremendous benefits.

Motivate yourself to exercise

An active daily routine takes time, motivation, and discipline. The body needs to get used to this new habit, so consistency is essential. You will have ups and downs days and this is where you leave. Don’t be upset!

Hugo Onindia, a psychologist at Equilibria Madrid, explains that “the key is to find a way to enjoy your workout, not only for the long-term benefit you can get, but as another healthy habit in your routine, turn it into a Lifestyle. ”

Get up, buy time, forget about fatigue and find an activity that you enjoy – these are important steps to start exercising.
Exercise releases hormones that make us feel good, provide benefits that promote your overall health, the most popular of which is endorphin, which euphorizes us at the end of our daily lives, and reduces pain, anxiety and stress.

There is also serotonin, this substance affects mood, it is produced more with exercise in the fresh air, it helps us find peace, especially in a state of anxiety and depression. Finally, there is dopamine, an addiction-related hormone that allows us to experience a sense of well-being, which creates a link between pleasure and engaging activity.

According to the experts, you should consider the following five tips to motivate you to continue exercising for a long time and achieve your desired goals:

  • Train with music: Research shows that music has an impact on athletic performance.
  • Don’t exercise alone — it’s okay if you can’t find someone to start this routine with, but you can chat during the session.
  • Do not do the same exercises: you can alternate the routine so that it does not get bored.
  • Look for short-term benefits: set a goal to see results.
  • Assess the change: monitor your process.

Follow these tips to motivate yourself to achieve your physical and mental health goals. Start small, results will come.