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Lactic acid is a natural substance that is produced in our body as a result of metabolic processes. Made by the beneficial bacteria Lactobacillus that live in the digestive tract and vagina. Lactic acid protects against harmful microorganisms, including fungi and rotting bacteria. For this reason, it is used in medicine (for example, to combat the harmful effects of antibiotic therapy or intimate infections) and in the cosmetic industry, since it has a beneficial effect on the skin. What is lactic acid? In what products can it be found, and when should it be used?

What is lactic acid?

Lactic acid is an organic chemical that is produced in our body. It is a thick, colorless liquid with a slightly acidic taste. Lactic acid is also found in muscles – it is created as a result of high physical activity. This happens when cells and tissues receive too little oxygen – they receive energy from glucose, and the effect of metabolic processes is precisely lactic acid, which is in the muscles and causes pain and fatigue. Contrary to appearance, he is not responsible for the “soreness” that appears in the coming days. They are associated with stretching the muscles and their damage.

Lactic acid is also found in some foods – sour milk, yogurt and natural yogurt with strains of bacteria, as well as in yellow cheese and pickled cucumbers or cabbage. Also used in medicine and cosmetics.

Lactic acid in medicine

Lactic acid has a very significant effect in maintaining the acid-base balance and maintaining the acidic pH of the intestine or vagina. Its disadvantages arise during antibiotic therapy, chronic infections and in people with weakened immunity. Therefore, in such situations, it is necessary to take probiotics with lactic acid bacteria. Thanks to them, the gut works better and protects the body from further infections. Bacteria that live in the gut have been shown to stimulate immunity and protect against the reproduction of harmful microorganisms.

Lactic acid is also used in the manufacture of gynecological preparations and preparations. They are used during antibiotic therapy or after intimate infections. Lactic acid restores the normal acid pH of the vagina, protecting against the growth of fungi and harmful bacteria.

Lactic acid in cosmetics

Lactic acid also has a beneficial effect on the skin and hair – not surprisingly, its properties have been used by the cosmetic industry for many years. It is a natural ingredient in many creams, masks, scrubs, balms, conditioners and shampoos. Does not cause allergies, has antibacterial and detoxifying effect. Moisturizes and restores skin, reduces the amount of sebum produced, and helps fight acne. It also facilitates the fight against discoloration, relieves irritation and speeds up wound healing. It deeply moisturizes and cleanses the skin and also holds back the aging process. Furthermore, it is worth knowing that lactic acid is a natural UV filter. Furthermore, it has a huge effect on the hair – it makes them shiny and the scalp moisturized and healthy.