Kidney infections are often conditional. The problem that has arisen takes on a rather serious scale, because kidney malaise is often associated with severe pain and does not help us to function properly. Unfortunately, we do not want to discuss diseases associated with the urinary tract, and we try to hide them from others, not realizing the fact that many people suffer from similar diseases, including from our environment. So, there are several home remedies that can bring mitigation in such circumstances.


Tolknyanka is a plant with low diuretic properties, in addition, it has an antiseptic effect on the urine excretory system.

Parsley root

This familiar horticultural plant, which everyone knows perfectly, can do wonders. Root juice can induce urine secretion, which is especially recommended for diseases called uremia. Parsley leaf is consumed with purulent jade.


Its root has a delicate diuretic, carminative and expectorant effect. However, when using it, avoid strong sunlight, because a lavage can cause photo sensitivity, which can lead to burns. In the past, it has also been used as a stimulant of sexuality.


This well-known plant eliminates urinary tract infections due to its fructose (i.e. fruit sugar) and tannin content, which keeps bacteria from sticking to the surface of the cells. It is recommended that you drink about 310 g of cranberry juice daily, as it will reduce the number of bacteria in your urine. An additional advantage is that cranberry juice is a very pleasant remedy.

Birch leaves

White birch leaves include vitamins, saponins, flavonoids and tannins. The extract and decoctions of the leaves can bring relief in chronic diseases of the urinary tract and kidney stones.


Qualify as anti-inflammatory and diuretic. The constant use of infusion of leaves is a fruitful and protected means to eliminate the creation of kidney stones and kidney sand. This is a conclusion that can be applied to the first delicate indicators of infection.


The above methods are home based and can help with very delicate symptoms of illness or support proper treatment. If we notice kidney problems, we should consult a doctor and make a correct diagnosis.