Juvenile pimples most often develop aged from 12 up to 16 years and very difficult respond to treatment. Look how it is possible to get rid of black dots, gnoynichok and cones on a face, a neck, shoulders and a back. Read how to look after skin that is what medicine to take.

  • Youthful eels are three forms: eels, pustulous and makulopapulezny. The first is harmless, two others leave deep hems and do not respond to treatment.
  • Juvenile eels like black dots it is possible to treat house means, such as grass infusions, rinsings, sausages and masks. At other forms of a disease use of a professional dermatokosmetika and pharmacological means can be required.
  • The drugs effective against various forms of juvenile pimples include: benzoyl peroxide, azelaic acid, antibiotics, retinoids and even contraceptive tablets. Most of them is released on the prescription.

How do juvenile pimples look?

What is juvenile eels (juvenile eels)? This term covers the most widespread types of vulgar eels (Acne vulgaris) characteristic of people at teenage age, especially for teenage boys. This dermatological disease of various etiology, pathogenesis and current.

What causes juvenile pimples? The most frequent reasons:

  •  hormonal changes which are undergone by an organism at teenage age, especially concerning the level of sex hormones: testosterone, progesterone, estrogen;
  • the genetic predisposition – the probability of emergence is especially high at teenagers whose mothers struggled with pimples in youth (though it is necessary to emphasize that still the gene responsible for emergence of this interrelation is not identified).

The direct mechanism of defeat is connected by acne rash with such factors as:

  • the accelerated orogoveniye of cells of epidermis;
  • excessive activity of sebaceous glands;
  • inflammation of hair follicles;
  • reproduction of gram-positive bacteria of Propionibacterium acnes;

How do juvenile pimples look? Its symptoms differ depending on a form.

  • Black dots appear in the form of black dots, that is small (1-3 mm), slightly convex rashes. Black dots can be open (then they almost black) or open (transparent, invisible). An additional symptom – very severe seborrhea.
  • The pustulous form is characterized by the reddened small knots which turn into the big pustula filled with purulent contents over time. Skin around it strongly reddened that is a consequence of the developed inflammation.
  • The Makulopapulezny version includes not only purulent pustula, but also firm dense cones. They are filled with densely gathering skin fat which has no exit.
  • They red outside.

Where do juvenile pimples arise?

Juvenile pimples most often develop on a face, a decollete and a back. It places where sebaceous glands are most active and most active, especially if they are excessively stimulated because of hormonal changes.

Juvenile pimples on a forehead and also on a nose and a chin (that is in a so-called T-zone) very often have comedy character and are connected with excess release of skin fat in these parts. The problem with a fat T-zone disturbs even healthy people with oily skin therefore it is even more subject to appearance of ugly rashes in case of such disease as pimples.

The pustulous disease generally affects a face and especially cheeks, changes can also appear on a chin and a decollete. These are very sensitive places subject to development of the inflammations and superinfections, typical for this grade, caused by Propionibacterium acnes.

However, if besides the person juvenile pimples on a back, sometimes also on hands and a breast develop, they usually take the makulopapulezny form. The skin on a back very thick also contains many sebaceous glands, from here a tendency to formation of the outgrowths filled with skin fat. Especially as tubules can be in addition blocked then which sekretirutsya intensively in this part of a body.

House pimples medicines in youth

How to get rid of pimples at teenage age? Whether enough house means or it is necessary to use the professional medical care and pharmacological means available in drugstores? Also in this question a lot of things depend on a form of pimples – each of them differs in different susceptibility to treatment, there are also other remote consequences of firmness of rashes on skin.

It is known that the easiest kind of eels is eels – rather easy to get rid of them, and they do not leave any resistant marks in the form of unattractive scars. This disease tends to self-restriction therefore in many cases he is treated sometimes house means.

What can be effective at juvenile eels?

  • Infusions drinking grassy, welded on extracts of such herbs as pansies, a dandelion, a horsetail, a sage, a flax.
  • Cosmetic masks are prepared on the basis of honey, a lemon, a linden, rosemary, a camomile, a turmeric. Pay attention: some ingredients, for example, the calming camomile, can cause a paradoxical image additional irritation of skin in some people therefore before the first drawing a mask it is worth carrying out the test.
  • Clarification of the person steam bath. For its preparation you need a basin with hot water, greens (you can choose from above-mentioned) and essential oils.
  • What is extremely important – black dots, and especially purulent pustula, fingers not to squeeze out. It has no therapeutic effect, but can cause a set of negative effects, including additional irritation of skin, strengthening of inflammation and transfer of bacteria of Propionibacterium acnes on the big area of the person.

How to treat juvenile pimples?

As for pustulous and spotty and papular forms of a disease, in many cases it is so unpleasant that there is a need to ask for professional medical care. It is worth visiting the dermatologist every time when the organism does not react to house methods when on skin there are ugly hems and when the disease begins to have negative effect on mentality of the patient (the underestimated self-assessment, etc.).

How to struggle with juvenile pimples in the started form? Cosmetics is irreplaceable in daily leaving. At juvenile eels it is worth using the creams containing such substances as:

  • vitamin B, collagen, hyaluronic acid – regenerate skin, fill defects of fabrics, minimize risk of deep hems;
  • zinc, silicon, colloidal silver – suppress hyperproduction of skin fat, have anti-inflammatory properties;
  • azelaic acid which proved komedolitichesky properties, i.e. protivokomedogenny

It is necessary to remember that the cosmetics limiting production of skin fat can dry skin at the same time strongly. For this reason it is necessary to avoid the products containing alcohol. On the other hand, strongly fat creams which strengthen seborrhea and the related adverse visual effect it is also not recommended.

In conditions of exacerbation of a disease or at insufficient results of daily medical activity the pharmacological treatment can be required. The wide range of the drugs which are generally released on the prescription is used. It is considered that the best results are achieved at the combined therapy with use of two active ingredients with a little different complementary effects. What it is worth using what the doctor can appoint?

Pimples medicine at teenagers

Black dots:

  • Benzoyl peroxide with the antiseptic action limiting secretion of skin fat and slightly keratolitichesky (facilitating removal of the died-off epidermis fragments). Medicine is released on the prescription or without it, depending on concentration.
  • the azelaic acid which is present not only as a part of cosmetics, but also drugs released without prescription of the doctor.


  • antibiotics, such as erythromycin and klindamitsin. They are effective against Propionibacterium acnes bacteria. As well as all substances of this type, it is possible to get it only according to the recipe.


  •  retinoids (vitamin A derivatives), including adapalen, tretinoin, izotretinoin). They possess a wide range of properties, have protivokomedogenny, keratolitichesky and anti-inflammatory properties and suppress secretion of skin fat. Because of very strong action and possible side effects it is released on the prescription.
  • The majority of above-mentioned substances apply on affected areas of skin. They are issued in the form of creams, ointments and gels. However in particularly complex cases the doctor can appoint system treatment also.

Pimples pills for children contain in the basic antibiotic substances, such as:

  • tetracycline,
  • doxycycline
  • erythromycin,
  • azithromycin,
  • klindamitsin.

In a case with girls it is also possible to use the anti-androgenic contraceptives regulating work of an endocrine system. Usually they contain ethinylestradiol in combination with such connections as tsiproteron or chlormadinonatsetat, dezogestret and diyenogest.

What is from pimples?

It is impossible to forget that pimples are a disease at which the diet is of great importance. The use of certain products can facilitate or, on the contrary, worsen symptoms. For example, the fish and seafood containing a large amount of fatty acids the omega-3 and an omega-6 made in the corresponding proportions have positive effect. On the other hand, there are products containing carbohydrates with the high glycemic index (the indicator informing on the increase in level of glucose in blood after a meal) exceeding 70.

Treat them: beer, chips, popcorn, boiled carrots, potatoes. They increase the level of glucose, so-called. Insulina. an insulinopodobny factor of growth-I (IGF-1) which can lead to developing of acne rash directly.

What is from pimples? Positive impact is had the following:

  • vegetables, including: parsley, pepper, spinach, Brussels sprout, crude carrots;
  • bean;
  • seeds of pumpkin and sunflower, chia seeds, walnuts;
  • citrus, dogrose, blackcurrant, bananas;
  • fermented milk products (kefir, buttermilk);
  • vegetable oil (olive oil, rape oil), butter, cod-liver oil;
  • wholegrain krupyany products: bread and pasta from unscreened flour, brown rice;
  • red meat, fish, seafood;

What is not at pimples? In particular, the following is not recommended:

  • the turned sour milk;
  • yellow and cream cheese;
  • sour cream;
  • honey;
  • beer;
  • Pizza;
  • fast food and snack;
  • dried fruits;
  • the products containing glucose and starch;
  • sweets, pastries.